Sunday, August 8, 2010

Avery: 15 Months

Height- 30.5 in- 53%
Weight- 20lb, 8oz- 16%
Head-18 in- 46%

Aves is still a healthy little munchkin!  She has regressed a teeny bit with her talking...but the doc warned us to be prepared for regression in LOTS of areas with the arrival of the new hasn't been nearly what we expected though!  She's growing at a consistent rate, so even though she's so teeny, there's no concern there :) 

At 15 months she's...
  • got lots of hair!  It's growing like crazy and is so cute and crazy and wavy/curly.  I love how windblown it always looks haha. 
  • still making no attempt to say "mama" but says dada, byebye, hi, uh-oh, bite consistently
  • she LOVES pointing out her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, toes, feet, & belly button.  The last one is her fav...her eyebrows raise really high, she opens her mouth really wide and lifts her shirt with intense enthusiasm!
  • she has started mimicking us a lot more...when i have a laughing outburst, she will squeal and laugh really LOUD...kind of like what I do (maybe i should work on that!)
  • she's facing forward and LOVING it.
  • she's no longer afraid of the car wash
  • she has become ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of the vacuum.  BUMMER.  It just gets worse each time I turn it on...opposite of the progression that I expected...
  • loves all the same foods
  • finally is a pro whole milk drinker out of her sippy
  • is 100% off the bottle and has been for a month or two now!
  • has 4 teeth and is DEF working on some more...she's been pretty uncomf for the last week
  • is the greatest big sis ever...she LOVVVVES to love on her baby sis
  • loves to give kisses and hugs and blow kisses.  it's no longer the open mouth's a pucker and super loud kissy sound!
  • wants to go on walks and to the pool ALL the time
  • has a new BFF- tatum!!  they are ADORABLE and love to play together!
  • loves to hang out in her crib and play for up to an hour when she wakes up in the cute :)  i SO wish we had a video monitor!
  • is obsessed with our laptops
  • loves to read more and more every day.  it's almost annoying...
  • her eyes still water (bummer)
  • has a few new dance fav being "shake your booty" and her "twirl" bc she gets dizzy and always ends up crashing when she tries to walk around after a dance sesh.
In our opinion, she is the greatest, cutest, sweetest, most amazing little 15-mo-old on the planet.  Thanks for hooking us up with one of your most beautiful and loveable children, Lord! 

Averton- thank you for all of the joy and love you bring to our every day! Your mommy & daddy lovvvvvvve you a whollllllle lot!

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Gabby said...

Yes, I love her hair!