Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Girls

So I honestly don't know if the dairy thing is really effecting Cameron or not.  After the first day or two or being dairy-free, she seemed to improve..but then the last 2 days/nights have been NOT so pleasant.  Along with nixing dairy from my diet, the nurse told me to start her on gripe water....soooo we did.  Well, last night I finally decided to switch from gripe water to mylicon because, although Avery didn't have gas issues to the extremity that Cameron does...Mylicon worked like a charm any/everytime gas became an issue for her.  Miraculously (and hopefully NOT coincidentally), Cameron has had a stellar 24 hours.   She has pooped more, been a gas queen (maybe she takes after her daddy on that one??), and has slept soundly!!  So is Mylicon a magic little liquid OR is the no-dairy thing finally kicking in?  Only time will tell.  And while I wait to figure out the true cause of Cameron's bloated/painful tummy, she will hopefully do a little of this:
and a little of this:
This child seriously slept peacefully PRETTY much the entire day today.  SUCH a relief to see her happy and comfortable :)

Aves kept trying to crawl into Cameron's chair and sit ON her...so I finally brought HER chair over... cuteness.

Today I took my first solo outing with my sweetbabygirls.  Where did we venture to?  TARG.  Where else?

 Aves seems to love Cameron more and more every day.  She wouldn't stay more than 5 feet away from her allll day today.  And couldn't stop kissing, hugging, sharing with, and loving on her.  She kept trying to pet her like she pets Kerbey.

Annnnd...here's the cutest little hippo on the planet.
LOVE my girls. :) 


Wendi said...

Hope you get everything figured out! She sure is precious.

the tichenor family said...

I love Mylicon! I think it's a little miracle worker. Hoping that it keeps your sweet girl settled... and that MAYBE you can go back to dairy!

Love ya.