Monday, August 2, 2010

The First 2 Weeks

Week 1:
My parents and brothers stayed with us all weekend after Camo was born...and it was awesome.  Uncle Riles & Uncle Reidster loved on their nieces lots- so sweet :) Big Poppy was super sad to leave on Sunday, but he is working man!  My mom (Nonni) stayed with us all week and was an ENORRRMOUS help!  She cooked for us, cleaned up after us, did our laundry, and was a stellar playmate for Averton.  I just lounged, nursed, changed diapers, napped, and worked on recovering! 

The early days of nursing were a little bit of a struggle.  Cameron had trouble getting a latch going and I finally figured out that it was because I was totally engorged.  So...I pumped a good 11 oz of milk and ever since then- nursing has been going soooo much better!  Cameron also developed a pretty intense case of we've been dousing her in sunlight every chance we get...which isn't often bc it's TOO hot outside for that poor baby and although our apt has a million windows, none of them offer direct sunlight!  Boo!  She is def improving though...

Thank you so so so much mamacita for staying with us and providing everything we needed!   Aves loved her walks with you, storytime, pooltime... We love and miss you! 

Week 2:
The Bradfords stayed with us for the wknd, so the girlies got plenty of Nana & Papa time!  Then, Marsha stayed for the remainder of the week and took over the role my mom played the previous week!  Thank you both for all of your help!!  It was soooo awesome to not have to worry about meals or cleaning and yet STILL wake up to a clean house every morning! 

I woke up on Tuesday feeling PRETTY awful.  As the day went on I just continued to feel worse.  I tried to nap and laid in bed for 2 hours crying- totally unable to sleep despite being 100% exhausted.  Turns out I had developed mastitis.  AH!  NO FUN.  24 hours later, after a ton of scorching hot baths/showers & around the clock pumping- the fever, chills, & achiness were GONE! And after a few days the breast tenderness was gone too.  YIPPEEEE.  Now my freezer is SERIOUSLY stocked up with milk.   Cool.

Marsha & Momma- you guys are awesome.  Thanks for the love and the provision and for waiting on us hand & foot with a constant smile on your face!  We lovvvve you!

This past wknd we took our first road trip as a fam of 4!  We headed to Lufkin for Granny's 90th Bday wknd....SO fun/relaxing.  We just hung out by the pool under giant tents, ate delicious food, chatted, watched the kiddos play in the pool....and I napped, nursed, and loved on my little babies!  It was the first time Brian & I got to spend a significant amount of time with Amy & her loverboy.  Loved it.  OH!  And we played the greatest game ever...called "Quelf".  Ever heard of it?  If not- check it out.  It was HILARIOUS and awesome and highly entertaining.

Now we are back in Plano...just the 4 of us.  I'm excited to experience life as a foursome and kind of get into the groove of our new life! 

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the brock clan said...

Family is awesome! So glad you had the help you did! Yuck, mastitis...I had that with my first, not fun at all. Glad you are doing better! So, I didn't realize you lived in Plano, we live in Garland! Crazy!