Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gassy Baby :(

Poor little Cameron is a gassy little thing.  She grunts like a constipated old man and her tummy is constantly hard!  She seems SO uncomfortable a lot of the time...makes me sad :(  I'm trying to figure out what part of my diet might be causing her discomfort...I called my doc today and they told me to cut all dairy from my diet and see how she responds over the next few days.  This will be a CHALLENGE bc I am the dairy QUEEN (ha)... I'm not even sure I'm totally aware of everything that is made using dairy products...but I better educate myself REAL fast!  Hopefully a dairy-free diet makes Camo a much more comfortable little munchkin! 

Has anyone else had to cut dairy while breast-feeding?


Ivy said...

rox! i love this new blog design!! its so cute! poor cameron! i obviously dont have a child, but this happened to me when i was a baby... i couldnt drink moms milk and had to have soy instead... good luck!

Gabby said...

Aw. Poor kiddo. I hope this works out, and good for you for breastfeeding!

Wendi said...

Talk to Ashley Snow! She has eliminated all dairy and Emma has been much better ever since. Hope you can figure it all out. :)

Jason and Lindsey said...

Hey Chica! Just wanted to let you know a few things....
1. Ava has been officially kissed and hugged from you and made it clear she is still waiting to meet you:)!

2. I can't wait to meet little Camo, what an angel, and like I said on FB ask me any questions regarding the dairy.

3. I am so PROUD of you! I know you are totally in the transition stage of being a mom of two, but I know you, Brian, and God will rock at it:)!

4. I love that even in the midst of a newborn and a toddler, and all that is going on, you have the time to post precious comments to other people and be praying for us!

I love you! Have a great day!