Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Wednesday morning, Cameron and I headed to the hospital bright and early to get her little heels pricked and squeezed :(  Nobody likes a PKU.

We hung around the house all day, the girls napped (at the same time!! yayyy!!), their momma took a cat nap (sooooo needed), and then headed out for a girls night w/Casey!  The original plan was for B & Greg to hang out at our apartment with the 3 girls, but Tatum came down with a major runny nose, so they didn't get to come over- bummer!  Casey and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed our mani/pedi date and def plan on doing it again.   Thanks to our hubbies for being terrific babysitters!

This morning we had a much more exciting date than Wednesday morning's appointment.  Avery, Cameron & I met my college friend Jenny @ Chick Fil A!  We have been saying we'll hang out for almost a year now that we live less than an hour apart...and we FINALLY did it.  Love you JennyBenny and it was soooo great to see you!  Avery totally loves her book!

Aunt Ames met the girls & me at our apartment to deliver a load of tamales (one of our favvvv foods in the Bradford casa!) and to squeeze in some quality time with her nieces :)  We love you Amy!

This evening, Brian and I are heading out to meet with our Lifegroup for the first time.  We have been wanting to join one since we started attending Hope Fellowship and are pumped to get started.  Greg & Casey are dropping Tatum off over here and then we're all heading out to meet the group.  Another awesome college friend of mine is coming over to babysit the girls for us.  Thanks Heather!  Aves is pumped to see you!

I got more sleep last night than I have since Cameron was born!  Um...awesome?  I think so.  Cameron will not go back to sleep in her bed after 5:00am.  I have NO clue why, but she just won't.  So, I have decided to just accept it instead of trying for 2 hours to get her back down.  This morning I brought her to the couch, got us both all cozy and comfy and the two of us slept there for 2.5 more hours.  It was AMAZZZZINGGG! looks like I'll start catching my last few hours of sleep on the couch with little Camo.  I love the opportunity to snuggle with her anyway :)

Target is having a monster clearance on summer attire (for munchkins), so I stocked up on some great playclothes for Aves...I realized the other day as I was perusing her closet that she has like...TWO outfits that are "playclothes".  Everything else is way too cute and nice-looking to let her go dig in the mud.  I didn't pay more than $4 for an outfit.  SWEEEET!

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting my sweet friend Kayla in Addison for a surprise adventure (can't make it public yet).  When B gets home from work we'll hit the road for Sugar Land for Cameron's sip'n'see Saturday morning which I am sooooo excited about!  Can't wait to visit the Freede Casa with our new addition :)  Kayla informed me that there will be dairy free choc chip cookies AND mini cinnamon rolls waiting for me when we arrive!  Two of my all time favorite foods!  I seriously can't wait.  We'll spend the rest of the weekend thru Tuesday in Freeport with the Curry Clan.  Could NOT be more excited about the next few days.  YIPPEEEEE!

Happy Thursday!

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