Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WIshful Wednesday: TV Star!

Although her show is no longer airing on TV...I STILL wish I could be Jennifer Garner in "Alias". I was OB.SESSED. with that show during its prime. Her body was BANGIN'. She was a stud. Had the nicest arms EVER. Big beautiful lips. She got to wear a crazy/amaaazing new wig every episode! She had a gooood-looking man in her life. She cried alot. Um....I loved her. She's the reason I love the name "Sydney". And I STILL love her.
Hey Jenn, if I can't be you, can we at LEAST be friends?


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Never seen the show, but after that description ..... SIGN ME UP!!! This weeks topic almost was what celebrity would you want to be best friends with, so funny!!

The Wife said...

Love her! I love how she seems so down to earth...and oh how I would die for dimples like that!