Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Okay you guys. I NEED INPUT on this one. Seriously. Even if you want to leave an anonymous comment it's okay.  Or even email me.  Whatev.  I just need as much feedback as possible!
Would you pay for an online personal trainer?
Here's what's involved:
1. $10 initial assessment fee: involves filling out survey about current fitness/health status
2. Next, a list of customized recommendations is provided which touches on nutrition, general cardio/weight resistance recommendations.
3. You are then presented with the option to choose from various packages (please see examples):
  • workouts only pkg
  • nutrition only pkg
  • 2 workouts per week/2 nutrition feedback appointments per week = $x
  • 1 workout per week/1 nutrition feedback apmt per week = $x
  • daily workouts and daily nutrition guidance provided = $x
 ****workouts provided in printable form so they're easy to carry with you during your workout****

Okay...that's the main gist.

Does this sound like something that you would actually be interested in, or just straight up bogus??
Honesty is the name of the game, people!!


DBC said...

I would probably be more enthused doing nutrition online rather than a trainer.

A trainer to me is as much about motivation when you're actually in the gym as it is designing a good work out plan. Nutrition, however could probably easily be done online or through something like a web chat if you needed to share diagrams.

Anonymous said...

I agree that nutrition would be fine to do online, but not so much a trainer.

Personally, I would want a trainer to be there with me (in person) motivating or even correcting me while working out etc.

Hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

If I was personally recommended to the program, then I would be more apt to think about it, but really if I was to pay for a trainer I would want them working my nehind in the gym, pushing me to go harder. The nutrition portion is interesting, especially if you could provide healthy tips and recipes for them to consider. Honestly though, I find a lot of workouts and advice simply by searching online or tearing out magazine articles (Fitness is my fav), so I'm not sure how you could promote it and mske people want to pay. I'd really rather have that type of program (fitness and nurtrition), but have training sessions in person. Plus seeing someone like you, in such great shape, will motivate and inspire them even more. :)

Ivy said...

i think keeping track or nutrition and even works outs online is great. i keep track of my runs on an online website actually.

but i think if i wer going to pay for a trainer I would want them to be right there next to me. either working out with me or yelling in my face.. :)

good luck rox!

*L said...

Nope-- I wouldn't pay. There's so many free resources already available. I think people are mostly paying for motivation, which to me is the hardest part about working out.

I could definitely see online upkeep as an additional product to offer clients after they're hooked & in the gym.

Anonymous said...

Becuz I recently had a trainer or 3 sessions, wish I could have more but too pricey 96.00 per session....I would love the idea of a paper to take w/me that I could understand. My trainer gave me her notes from our 3 sessions, but I forgot most of the shorthand version of what she wrote!!!
Great idea I say. 44 yr old Mom of 11 and 15 yr old kiddos :)