Tuesday, September 22, 2009


1. I had a job interview!! My first one in the Dallas area. It was with a small home health company...Home Care for Seniors. I got to wear a cute little business suit for the first time ever! We'll see what happens! It think it went well :)

2. I left Avery with a childcare PROFESSIONAL for the first time. I found her through a recommendation from a church in Denton. Nancy. Mid-50s. Keeps 3 kids max. Sweet christian couple...both retired apparently, bc they're both at home with the kids all day. She did great, and it was actually really comforting to feel like she was in good, loving hands!

3. Avery had her first Rainforest Jumperoo experience! I finallyyyyyy purchased my dream jumperoo, which I had been looking for on Craigslist in Tyler FOREV, and one would pop up about every 25 days. And they were always asking like..80 bucks! Ridic. I checked the Dallas postings on Monday, and there were about 12 of them listed in ONE day! YAYYYY. She is IN love. Brian and I were CRACKING up watching her swing and bounce around with a jovial little grin on her face. So cute :)

4. Brian, Noah, Aves, & I ate @ Fuzzy's Taco's...voted Denton's best. And it was goooooooood!

5. I found my new grocery store fav :) Okay...so ever since we left Austin I have been DESPERATELY missing Central Market & HEBizzle. For all kinds of reasons, but my fav thing was the "grind-it-yourself" peanut butter! Nowhere to be found in Tyler. Believe me- I searched/called high & low! Well, in North Dallas/Denton it appears that Kroger is the cool place to buy groceries. I was super bummed when I made this observation, but after finally venturing into one last night, I am hooked! THey have my PB! They sell DELICIOUS cakes by the slice (this will probably become a serious problem in the near future)...the only other important thing they lack is a GELATO station! I'll have to talk to someone about this...Anyway, I canNOT wait to have some delectable "grind-it-yourself-honey-roasted-PB-toast" for b-fast in the AM!

Happy Tuesday!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I have never done "grind it yourself PB," but it seems like I might be missing out on the experience with Costco's extra crunchy Jiffy!!!

**Good luck with news on the new gig!

Jacci said...

Oh yay for the jumperoo! Sorry we couldn't work out a way for you to borrow ours! But glad y'all got your own. Such a life saver sometimes!

And OH MY GOODNESS, our house in Ft. Worth was literally walking distance to Fuzzy's - we ate there wayyyy way too much. Their fish tacos are phenomenal. Love you!

Together We Save said...

Sounds like things are going well. Never tried to grind my own PB sounds yummy.