Friday, September 25, 2009

East Tx Bound

Avery and I just came in from a nice little picnic in the backyard with the pups! It has felt HEAVENLY outside today :)

Well, we're headed to Tyler for the wknd and I have NEVER been so excited about that!
We miss our supercool friends Kylee & Chris a LOT and are SUPERpumped to spend some time with them! Not to mention- it will be nice to be in our own house for a couple of days :)Possibly hitting up the state fair in Dallas on Sunday...TBD.

PS- Avery is steadily making progress in her efforts to become a crawling baby! She can get up on her hands and up on her knees...but both at the same time only lasts for about 2 seconds before she topples. She hasn't quiiiite figured out how to make it all work together!Oh- she's also discovered how delicious her toes taste. See below:Hope everyone has a super terrif wknd!


The Wife said...

She is too cute! Have fun!

Jacci said...

oh my goodness. your child WOULD be a super strong advanced 5 month old crawler. so cute! i promise you don't want that to happen just yet though mama ;) love you, have a greeeat weekend at home!