Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Brain during the VMAs...

Kanye is evil. SERIOUSLY. What a pathetic dude. I'm not sure why he thinks people care IN THE LEAST about his opinion. And I'm also not sure why he thinks it's okay @ all to humiliate sweet, not to mention talented, little Taylor Swift!! It is SO unfortunate that his music is so freaking cool. Because HE is degenerate.

Taylor Swift is precious. I want to hug her right now.

Lady Gaga MIGHT be the weirdest person I'm currently aware of in this world. However, I think I like her. I'm not sure about that crazy red lace thing she's got wrapped around her face though.

I wish I looked like, sang like, danced like, smiled like...Beyonce.

How is it that Beyonce can dance/dress like a HOOOO during her performances, but somehow maintains her classy image? Interesting.... I'm a fan.

Russell Brand is STRAIGHT UP innaprop. And weird. But he makes me smile for some reason?

So does Tracy Morgan.

If everyone would just continue to boo Kanye every single time his name is mentioned I would definitely approve.

Why isn't Pink singing live? She sounds SO good live. But I guess contorting your body all over the place makes it a little difficult...

It makes me happy that Eminem has finally learned to be a good sport :)

Okay...Beyonce is a SWEETHEART. Thata'girl

Annnnnd, that's a wrap.


The Keierleber Family said...

You forgot that Jimmy Fallon is awesome! Oh, that was just me, ok! lol He is my "celebrity boyfriend." Love him! :)

I can't believe Kanye!

Ivy said...

haha i love this! i didnt get to see the awards so this littel recap clued me in onto the important parts! no i can go youtube everything!

L-Kat said...

i seriously think the only person who loves kanye is jesus. no one else does.

and that little incident was probably the best thing that could have happened to tswift's career in my opinion. i didn't really give a crap about her before last night...

and about beyonce...agree. class act in a unitard. not many people can pull that off.