Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yesterday, after I opened the email from my mom with some pics from our Abilene trip, I almost threw up. My hair is (well...was) O.O.C. (out.of.CONTROL.) WAYYY too long. To all of you who call yourselves my friends...HOW could you let me go through everyday with that knappy mess hanging down my back? EW.

I couldn't rest (literally) until my dilemma was FIXED. So... I chopped 4 inches off of my hair yesterday afternoon. With dull kitchen scissors. It might be a little bit uneven...when Brian gets back in town I'll have him check for me. I think it looks good from the front. But all that matters is no more long-knappy-nastiness. It may not be perfect, but I can sleep well tonight :)
(But, I'm still mad at everyone for not telling me that my hair was disgusting...)


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I cannot believe you cut your hair!! It turned out perfect ... Do you always give yourself a trim??

Anonymous said...

haha roxanne, i ALWAYS cut my own hair. i refuse to pay 40 bucks for something i can do myself. it looks awesome!