Wednesday, September 9, 2009

{Love}-ly Labor Day

We did a LOT over labor wknd! Quick run-down:

- Headed to Denton to meet B, but stopped through Rockwall so that Aves could meet her (Brian's) Aunt Linda. We met up with B @ our hotel and got ready for our big evening @ Maggiano's. Aunt Amy babysat while B and I went to a speaker-dinner for his new company, Alcon Labs. I always meeting new people, so I was excited to meet his new I learned some cool new stuff about nasal allergies/meds!

Friday- We slept til the munchkin woke up, loaded up the car, and set off to explore the communities just north of Dallas! We checked out Denton, Lewisville, Carrollton, Frisco, Lake Dallas, Old Elm, Flowermound...and a few other little places, and then finally set off to meet the fam in Abilene! Little Aves was in the car for EIGHT HOURS and did a super amazing job :) We dined @ Rosa's for dinner (YUM) and then got to see Uncle Rileton briefly before team curfew. The remainder of the night was spent hanging out at the hotel with Nonni & Big Poppy.

Saturday- Reidster & Riles joined us for breakfast @ our hotel, me and Big Poppy worked out while everyone else (including Avery) watched football, then we met the Goforths & Nug&Kayla @ Harold's for some BBQ where we were serenaded with a GREAT song from Harold himself! "His eye is on the sparrow" of my all-time favs! I'm SO sad I couldn't get my camera to work while he was singing! Back at the hotel, the girls participated in our own impromptu arts'n'crafts hour. You see, I forgot to order a Trinity onesie for Avery, so we ran across the street to purchase some supplies to make a homemade onesie! That evening the wholllle crew went to see Trinity beat McMurry. Uncle Riles even scored a TD for us! I think the little home-made onesie was PROBABLY his good-luck charm :) Afterwards we had a quick visit with the Martin/Campbell families! Linz's babybump is growing and she looks BEAUTIFUL! :)

Sunday- We churched @ Southern Hills. I SOOO MISS THE BEAUTIFUL SINGING @ CHURCH OF CHRIST CHURCHES! It moved me :) We said our goodbyes and then B, Aves & I killed time dining with some of my old kiddos from my summer interning @ First Colony. We saw GI Joe, which I really liked! We met Chris & Kylee Hay (our GREAT friends from Tyler) @ Chris's parents house in Abilene and spent the rest of our weekend there!

Monday- The boys played golf. The girls lounged, watched tennis, and dominated the newspaper crossword puzzles. THANK YOU to the Hays for hosting us! We then FINALLY headed back to Denton where we spent the night....and then Aves and I got up early Tuesday morning to head back to Tyler for her doctor's appt.

BUSY wknd, but SO GREAT to see SO many people that we LOVE SO MUCH!! Thanks to everyone for just being great. And for loving us and being such a big part of our lives! We love you all!!

Now...the pics :)

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the tichenor family said...

soooo impressed by your impromptu onesie making skills! and soooo jealous you got to see my sister. i miss her so much!

aves is cute as ever. i can't believe i still have not met your angel.

love you!