Monday, February 18, 2008

Storrrrrmy Monday...

So, this weekend's storm obviously didn't take place on a Monday, but everytime it storms I think of that song for some reason...

We spent the weekend in Lufkin with Brian's parentals and Granny. We hadn't seen them since Christmas!! We basically just sat around, watched TV, ate, sat around some more...but it was great to see them! Granny made some DELISH Pecan Pie for us... which is the only kind of pie I really like...and she even gave me the recipe! I'll let you know how that goes... ;o) We came back in time to go to church in Tyler on Sunday morning since we're still anxious to find a church home. In regards to the church of choice for the week: One of us liked it. One of us didn't. Sooo...we're still in search-mode!! PLEASE add that to your prayer lists if you don't mind :) We would be SOOO grateful!

I had my "official interview" with Premiere on Thursday, and it went SO well! I am STOKED to start working there :) It is a great place run by people with a heart for God. They basically look at their gym as a ministry first and a gym second. Pretty cool. Again, I'll devote a whole post to my experience with Premiere in the near future! THANKSSSS for your prayers you guys. Seriously. You are awesome and I love you guys <3>

Moo...GET BETTER!! Momma...GET BETTER!! Ames...GET BETTER!! I feel like everyone I know has the flu...I'm keepin my fingers crossed that me and my boo don't get it (highly unlikely since he is in and out of germ-infested clinics all day!) Everyone, get LOTS of sleep, consume huge quantities of Vit.C, and be healthy so your immune system can stay in hardcore protective mode!!

Last random thought: I am REALLY sad that Oprah is getting her own network. Actually, I take that back. I think that's awesome. I like Oprah. She's a stud. And her network will probably inspire a LOTTT of people. HOWEVER, I find it incredibly upsetting that those doing her dirty work have chosen to replace DiscoveryHealth with OWN(Oprah Winfrey Network). NOT COOL. and NOT necessary. Why not take some stupid reality shows off the air instead of useful and interesting shows like Diagnosis:X and Untold Stories of the ER??? Oprah needs to rethink this issue big time!

Okay, I'm done. Love you all! Hope your weekend was terrific!

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Jacci said...

ok, I TOTALLY feel ya on the Oprah Network thing. I am PISSED. I LOVE Discovery Health and was SO excited we got it when we got Dish. I watch it all the time!!! I think its just part of her plan to take over the world.