Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun Weekend!

Recap of our crazy weekend:

  • I met with Premier to sign the papers and become "officially" employed. Yay!!
  • B and I drove to F.Dub to see Jacci and Scarlett and their super cute house!! Our dogs became friends (kinda) and we got to see Scarlett on the verge of teething!!! And we even got to see Mr.Grannis :) SOOOO good to see you Sexy, even though it was only for a short time!
  • Ames and I went to a SUPERRRR fun karaoke bar and I sang a duet with her ex. hahahaha. AWESOME.
  • Brian and I got up earlyyyy to drive to Sherman to see his cousin's kid play some bball. Like..the kind where they don't even keep score because they're so young. SO cute. He's a little stud. His cousin is in the process of being divorced by his wife (a sad evil, SELFISH woman), so keep them and their 3 kids in your prayers!!
  • We stopped through McKinney to see Blake, Angela, and little 2-week old baby Colt!!! OHHHmygoodness. Adorable and awesome. He weighed about as much as a loaf of bread. I've never held a human that was crazy!
  • Saturday night I went to Hoog's bach'ette partay in DT D-town and it was GREAT to see some old friends!!
  • I later met up with B, AMers and a million of her friends at a bar in Dallas where she everyone was celebrating her 25th bday bash!!! SO fun :) The owner of the bar was a track stud @ Texas in the 90s and so he's OBSESSED with UT athletes. He had decorated the entire place with orange balloons and has framed UT posters and pictures adorning every wall. It felt like we were back in the ATX. LOVED it!
  • Basically, lazy bum day because we got NO sleep all weekend! It felt like we were back in college :) FUN weekend full of fam & friends! :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend, whether it was eventful or relaxing. Oh, and for the record, I think I am officially getting kind of old. I have been EXHAUSTED all day. I used to live that allll the time and didn't even blink. Sad revelation.

UPDATE on my job: I STARTED TODAY AND I'M OBSESSED!! I am SO SO excited to start training my own clients!! I was feeling a bit nervous last week, but after being re-exposed to the world of personal training, I canNOT wait! Thank you guys for your encouragement and prayers and all that jazz :)


Jacci said...

it was so good to see you too! hopefully next time we can hang out longer! :) love you!

Tbaby said...

YAY!!! Glad you got to see a huge amount of your friends:):) good times...gooooood times! I'm also glad that you and B partied like college students all weekend and had a wonderful lazy sunday...those are the BEST. Boo for your sad revelation of being old...but hey it happens ( make you feel better...reminder. you're only 23:))


Daniel Smith said...

Sounds like y'all are having some good trips. Hey, what is premier? And is this a full-time job and no school or what is the deal?