Monday, March 3, 2008

Prophecies, The Rockets, and Kidney Stones

I have my first client. And strictly by coincidence he is one of my Brian's most important AND most frustrating doctors! Kinda funny. He's a urology surgeon, so he talks about kidney stones EVERY time I see him. NAST. But still kind of interesting :) Most importantly though, we meet every M,W,F @ 5:00 in the flipping morning! It's actually kind of nice to get started that early though. So far, it's been awesome and I have felt super awake. The rest of this week will def be a test though...we have to meet at 4:30 on Wednesday because of his doctor meetings and then at 4:45 on Friday because he's "on call". GEEZ.

Brian and I got OFFICIALLY approved for our mortgage loan today!! YAYYYY!!! So, we've talked with a realtor (we coincidentally and incredibly conveniently met the 2 most successful realtors in Tyler at church a few weeks ago) and are getting started on the house-hunting adventure! Yippeeee! PLEASE keep us in your prayers!

The Rockets are awesome. Yao's season-ending injury was SURELY going to end their record-setting streak of W' least according to most of SportsNation. Umm...3 games later, we're STILL on a roll! And old geezer-man, Mutombo is totally holding his own :) I'm so proud. If only Brian and I could make it to the Toyota Center to see them play!!

This guy at work told me he had a "vision" of an embryo that was meant for me. He shared with me that his most powerful spiritual gift is the gift of prophecy and so he felt that he needed to share this vision with me. He said he thinks it was symbolic of a spiritual birth that will happen inside of me sometime soon. Interesting. I told him about another lady who shared a vision with me back in high school. When I worked at Souper Salad w//my soccer girls, I had waited on her and she was super quiet but super kind and had the most insane piercing blue eyes hidden behind this scraggly haired, frail little frame. Anyway, she thanked me and went on her merry way, so I thought. So I go back to the kitchen to drop off her dishes and all of a sudden, in the little square window in the kitchen door, her blue eyes are burning through me. Gave me chills. I went over to the door to ask her what was wrong and she simply said that as she left she felt it in her heart to pray for me. So she did. And then The Lord told her to tell me this, "Your destiny is to free the captives." And after those words numbed my mind, she turned and left. It was a crazy experience to me. But anyway, all that goes to say that I guess I had my SECOND encounter with a prophetic person. The whole idea of prophesy is one that I am not very familiar with and one that seems kind of forgotten and ignored.

Brian and I are working out again, FINALLY! It feels aaaaammmmzzzzingggg!! I'm insaaaanely happy about that!

Reidster hit two bombs and made the all-tournament team this weekend. So proud :) I can't believe it's his last year of high school baseball!!! That's kind of a depressing thought...

Brian and I are planning a trip during late May to go on a backpacking trip in Colorado. Kayla and L are in. And all of our couple friends are invited! If anyone would like to join, shoot me a line :) We can't waiiiiiiiiit!!! It's been wayyy too long since I got to wake up to a beautiful, spiritual mountain sunrise.

Kayla's super awesome g-ma went to be with Jesus (AND her hubby!) this weekend. Super exciting for her, but obviously a sad loss for the ones left behind. Praise God for freeing her from her earthly body, and keep those who love and miss her in your prayers!

K...those are the things on my mind at the moment. And, that's it.


Jacci said..., I can't believe you wake up THAT early. I would die. seriously.

two...and super weird...i had a dream you were pregnant last night! you were like in your ninth month and had this big HUGE belly...but it was really cute!!

three, congrats on your loan! such an exciting time! i hope you guys find what you want!

love yoooooooou!

Monica said...

So odd that you have had two people share a prophacy with you. That doesn't happen all the time ya know. Maybe you are too free people from their fat bodies and that is what the lady ment? : )
So sad to hear about Kayla's grandmother, but so glad she is finally free. I will have to contact that sweet family. Love reading your blog sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

You are getting a house!? I am way behing on your life!! Please call me soon! Also, thanks for your sweet comment. The funeral was today and she was so beautiful and so peaceful! :)

Our Wonderful Life said...

That was me, sorry I wasn't signed it. :)