Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Weekend!!

Super Bowl weekend is usually something I REALLY look forward to and get super excited about! This year, however, when both the Colts AND the Cowboys lost on the same excitement about the Super Bowl completely dissipated. Of course, we still went out to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday. Not even a game between two teams that neither of us like could stop us from that :) As the game began, I was undecided about who I was for. I have NEVER been a Patriots fan. Belichick rubs me the wrong way. So does Tom Brady. I can't say I dislike them because I don't pay enough attention to either to know much about them as people. Anyway...I'm just not a fan. And Rodney Harrison bugs the crap out of me too. The only Patriots I like are Tedy Bruschi and Wes Welker. Plus, the whole Spygate sitch definitely didn't improve the Patriots' image in my eyes. Thennn we have the Giants. Not an Eli fan, not an Eli hater. Just have never paid much attention. Tom Coughlin always seemed mean. And...why would I ever cheer for New York anyway? There are about 30 other teams in the NFL I would rather cheer for.

Well, as the game started, I found myself cheering unequivocally for the Giants. And by the end I couldn't stay seated and was actually NERVOUS! Who woulda thought I could possibly care that much. It turned out to be a really fun game to watch! And afterwards we played "Screw Your Neighbor"...a card game involving little to no strategy OR brain activity, haha. Then, we let the boys play spades and the girls just sat and talked about hair, weddings, memories from each of our bachelorette parties, and all things girly :) A weekend that started off in a pretty frustrating way (see below) turned out to be a blast!


On Friday night, Brandon and Kelley came to stay with us because they were in town for a fam function. We hadn't gotten to hang out with them in forev, so it was a blast, although we stayed up wayyyy too late! B and Brandon played PS3 allll night long, so now Bistro wants one (we'll see how long I can hold out!) So, Friday morning Brian had to get up early for work and I had to get up early for my Dallas-Day plans to see Jennybenny and Sexy. All went as planned, until I realized that Brian had accidentally taken the keys to BOTH CARS with him! Bummerrrrr. He felt TERRIBLE, but I ended up studying for the tests I have this week. So...I guess it all worked out for the best. I'll have resched D-Day for some other weekend in Feb!

On Saturday Brian and I slept LOTS during the late afternoon and then just kinda hung out. It was relaxing and nice to get some things done around the house. For dinner Brian provided me with my first Mexican Buffet experience. I was miiiighty skeptical, but it was delish! Unfortunately I think each trip to the buffet was comprised of at LEAST 600 calories. We made 6 trips. FATTIES....but at least we're happy fatties :)

Sunday we went to Green Acres and found an AWWWWESOME class (FINALLY!) The couples were all really cool and humble and open-minded. It was a self-taught class and the style was just and applicable. We LOVED it! It reminded us of Lake Hills. The only catch: they all have like...8-year-old kids!! So...I guess they're kind of in a dif phase of life than us. We'll see what we end up deciding, but regardless of where we end up, it was SOOO REFRESHING to be there! We spent the next couple of hours driving around looking at houses. There are a MILLION new really nice neighborhoods going up in Tyler. They say it's supposed to double in size in the next 5-10 I guess we hit at the right time! We're soooo excited and anxious to get moving on our house search! I'm pumped to live in our first house together!!
A couple of pics:

My fav 2 golfers in the whole wide world!! :)

Our cute little PEE-FACE in timeout approx. 7 min ago.

Anyway, I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Can't waittt to go to Austin this upcoming weekend. Love to all :)

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kerbs is so cute!!! maybe her and woody can play together one day. ;)