Sunday, February 17, 2008

The First Annual Bradford Love-Day Celebracion!

Brian and I had a low-key V-day...which I like :) He worked, I had class, so we left the celebrating to be done in the evening. Actually... I planned to make him his FAVVV breakfast in bed. But we were both SPENT, so we just kinda slept in together. It was nice :) My DeLicIoUs eggs benedict will just have to wait til another day...

Anyway, I made Brian some yummy Valentines choc/PB cookies, he brought home my FAV wine (and chocolate of hub knowsss the way to my heart!) and we ate a DELISH (and partial leftover) dinner by YUMMY VANILLA candlelight. We took an hour out of our night to take the Kerbster to puppy class, then curled up in bed to watch "No Reservations" and called it a night!
Oh, my parentals sent us a cute little V-day package (I am happy to know that tradition will continue through my married years!) that EVEN included a little V-day present for Kerbelicious!
V-Day was a Good one. Hope everyone felt super-loved!


Jacci said...

kerbelicious is getting so big!

glad you had a woooonderful valentines day! love you!!!

Tichenor Family said...

awww, your valentine's day sounds great! enjoy those nights just the 2 of you!

it is SO GREAT to see my parents with carson... honestly, one of my greatest joys! rand and rach will be great grandparents!!