Thursday, February 7, 2008

I got a degree!! that I could go BACK and do it alll over again :)

So I quit my job a few weeks ago at APEC. I loved it, but I had no role in the program development, so it got PRETTY boring. Plus, I wasn't being paid NEARLY enough for someone with a college degree :) Anyway, I've been job-searching for a couple of weeks now and have been trying to steer clear of the most popular gym in Tyler, Premier Fitness. I'm really not even sure why. I have discovered something strange about myself: At times, I try to take the less popular path simply for the sake of NOT being a part of the majority. I'm not sure why... I just find myself doing it sometimes. DUMB/POINTLESS.

Okay, so despite my greatest efforts to avoid this modern, cool, forward-thinking gym, Premier keeps shoving its way back into my path. I've been almost there with 3 different gyms now, and then things just don't end up as they originally appeared they would. Hmm...I can't COUNT the number of times in my life that God has hit the brakes hard on MY plans, knocked me on my butt, and redirected me onto HIS path. THANK YOU LORD for keeping me in line. It's frustrating at times, but I mean, DUH. I am SO down with your plans for me, whatever they are....I just have to wander around for a while in search of them sometimes :)

Okay, so basically I've put forth a bit of effort to talk with the head trainers at Premier, but to no avail. I took in my application, but they were too busy to see me. I took in my resume...again, they were too busy to see me. I've called in, but they were in meetings. I even contacted a friend of a friend (their marketing director) and HE tried to hook me up with the head trainers, but they didn't call me back. I DO NOT enjoy being pushy. I feel like a total nuisance...and kind of stupid. It hurts my pride a little to have to try so hard I guess :) (Good lesson for me to SHED MY PRIDE!) Well, on Tuesday I just took it upon myself to stalk the owner and dig up his email address and... I shot him an email. I sent him a long and pretty impressive email if I do say so myself :) He emailed me back immediately, and now I'm meeting with him tomorrow right after my lab! YIIPPPEEEE!!!! Now, I can't say that this guarantees me a spot on Premier's payroll, but it is DEF a step in the right direction :) So...say a little prayer that all goes well! I really want to be a part of the things they're doing at Premier!!

PS- I am officially a student again. I'm taking a class at TJC this semester, (a pre-req for nursing school) and I had my first exam today! I am 99.8% sure that I got an "A". SWEEEEET. I know it's sick, but I really do miss being a student! It feels soooo good to be feeding my brain with yummy biological information again! I am bound and determined to turn in my nursing school application with a bright and shiny 4.0 at the top!!

Tomorrow, I have a lab early in the morning, then I meet with
Cune (the Premier owner, and no, I have NO IDEA how to pronounce his name!), and then Brian and I are HEADED TO AUSTYYYYYY!!!! I am 100% delighted to be heading back to my fav city in Texas!! Have a terrific weekend everyone!
Look out Austin...More Rox & T-baby adventures coming soon :)


Jacci said...

i love all of your blog posts. i don't know how you do everything you do. i'm proud of you sexymama! i'll be praying for your meeting with c-u-n-e. (i have no idea how to pronounce it either!)it looks like a great gym. muuah! xoxo

Carrie Jo Howard said...

Good Luck today!! Let us know how it goes!!!

Tbaby said...

oh MYYY goshh....ahahahahahaha...i forgot about that picture....we're goofs....and I'm 100% flattered that that picture randomly fit its way into your blog...I love you...and love that I'm gonna FOR SURE see you tommorrowwwwwwww!!!

Our Wonderful Life said...

Ohhh good luck! I love you!