Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Deep in the Heart of Texas...

Oh, how I miss Austin, Texas. We had SO much fun being back there this weekend!! On Friday night we went to the musical GREASE, performed by Dripping Springs High School to see my little sissy play SANDY!!! She totally rocked. I was so proud of her :) Then, Dan gave us a tour of the new galleria in Bee Caves...I LOVE IT!!! I'm so jealous that it got fininshed (OF COURSE) right after we left! I would DEF recommend Mimi's Cafe...DELISH! and the gelato place, for sure!

Saturday was an ABSOLUTE blast! The three of us (Brian and I stayed with Dan at a SWEET house where he is currently residing in Spanish Oaks) played with Kerbey all morning and then we went down the road to the pretty little fishing hole to, well...fish! Kerbey loved being out there. And the weather was amazing! It was the perfect morning :)
Fishing on Sat morning, pretty huh?
Later we met some friends at Zilker for some sand vball (GOSH I miss that!) and Brian and I both got a bit of a sunburn...in FEBRUARY! (yes, that's how pale I am right now.) It felt amaaaazing to be out in the WARM sun! I <heart> Zilker Park.
Post-vball @ Zilker (w/Magen's pup, Sport)

Bistro was SPENT!...so was Kerbs :)

Daniel+Amy's extensions=Mullet Man!

Later that night 8 of us went to dinner at Trudy's (still a definite fav) and then the girls and guys each went their separate ways. Girls' night was way fun. Tbaby, Moo, Banana, Eli & I spent the majority of the night just sitting on a big comfy couch at Halcyon sippin on lattes and chit-chatting the night away. I loved it. I was the official chauffer, so after I dropped everyone off at their cars, Hannah and I sat in the parking lot and had great convo. I MISS MY BANANA!! Gooood night :)
4 of my favs <3

Brian and I were 100% ECSTATIC to be back at Lake Hills!!!! Oh my goodness...seriously. We miss that place like you would NOT believe. Finding a church has def presented a challenge for us here in Tyler, but we have faith that we will find our place in time :) It was great to see all of the familiar faces, hear AWESOME Mac preach it, and to hear the Mark Grutas Band rock it out. We invited Brian's old boss and his new wife to church with us (which was pretty awesome) and then went to lunch with them where we found out some AMAAAZING news!!! A prayer we've had for YEARS was answered....well...is in the process of being answered in a super INCREDIBLE way :)

This weekend reminded me how much I really miss the CITY OF AUSTIN! Gosh...that place is just awesome. It's so easy to be outside allll the time because it was CREATED for outdoorsy people. I love it. As much as we loved being in Austin, it always feels good to walk back into OUR home and plop on OUR couches :) Dan...thanks for being an awesome host!!!

Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend! Thanks for the prayers about the meeting last week...it went pretty well and um...was interesting. I'll fill you in SOON, promise!



Jacci said...

I'm glad you had such a great time in Austin. I'm jealous because I LOVE Grease, I love the Galleria, and I love Mimi's!...and Austin of course.

Oh, and I love how you talk about Kerbey like she's your kid. So cute.

I miss you and can't wait to see you whenever that may be!!! love youuuuuu!!

Magen said...

Wow how did you make your blog all pink and collage pretty? LOVE IT! Miss you! Be glad you came last weekend for the pretty weather and not this one for the rain. (And ps I have the flu and feel like death walking)