Friday, January 13, 2012

Wayyyyyy Behind

I'm so behind.  AH!  I need to catch up asap bc I forget all the cute (and not so cute) little details of our life when they're not documented.  So that I don't forget what I'm behind on, here's my blogging to do list:
  • Christmas Women's banquet @ Hope
  • Christmas in SL & Lufkin
  • F-burg (bros & LGers)
  • Avery's potty training issues
  • Cameron's chatter
  • Singing babies
  • Childcare buddies
  • Avery's karate experience
  • Magen's shower
  • Aves/Cam/Heidi/Madeleine
  • Allie/Mak/Aves/Cam
  • Bunco Halloween
  • Bunco girls


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