Friday, January 27, 2012

Lifegroup New Years!

We invited our Lifegroup up to Pura Vida to ring in the 2012 back in Dec/Jan and had THE greatest time.  SUCH a cool, supportive, hilarrrrrious, quality group of way cool people.  We missed the Cox Fam big time (they were at home with supercute little newborn Baby Emerie :)  We slept in, enjoyed adults-only time, hit up the shops & eateries in Fredericksburg.  The boys golfed, hunted, and learned the hunting/cleaning process (yikes!) while the girls talked, shopped, and talked some more :)  There was much hang out by the firepit time, a large amount of throwback old school music (hilar), game-playing, s'more making, and laughing (per usual).

Shout out to Tori & JC, who were supergreat sports and climbed into the creepy, "The Shining"-style attic room each night for bed.  You guys rock.  Sorry we stuck our leaders in the attic ;)  

SO happy most everyone was able to come!  I can't imagine a better group of people to hang in the AWESOME Texas Hill Country with.  Til next time!  Happy 2012, my friends!
B-Riz and I spent a little time @ PV by ourselves before everyone else arrived.  He got his first deer with his bow!  #stud #greatwhitehunter #soproud  #yummy

Exhibit 1 of Girl Fun in F Burg

I couldn't miss this photo opp  to share with Aves that her momma got to be part of a nativity with Baby Jesus!!  She was pumped.

Ladies by the firepit!  Amanda...we left a space to photoshop you in!

JC's hunting lessons.  He's hooked :)  Ane he's got his special shoes to show for it...

The whole gang.  We totally heart you guys :)

Happppppy New Year!! PS- thanks, pops, for letting us bust into your hat stash ;)

the guy i love in the place i love <3

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