Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cameron: 18 Months

Welp.  My leetle C-Lil is 18 months old!  It's kind of cool because Aves's 1/2 birthday is on my dad's actual birthday and CamCam's 1/2 birthday is one day after my actual b-day!  Fun :)

How cute is that dress that Uncle Yiyi hooked C-Lil up with from Honduras?  Anywho.  They say that with the second kiddo, time goes SO much faster.  Honestly?  I don't feel that way at all.  I think it's because with Avery, we kind of missed the whole phase between 1 and 2 because Cameron was a newborn and stole all of our attention and energy ha.  So experiencing Cameron and everything that comes along with a 14-18month old has seemed kind of new.  It's SO fun and so incredibly adorable :)  
We haven't had Cam's 18mo appointment yet, so I don't know her stats, but I'll get those up as soon as we get 'em!  Here are some other fun things about the little munchkin @ 18 months:

  • Sings Twinkle Twinkle pretty well, especially "up above" and "HIIIIGGGHHHHH!!"  :)
  • She has fallen in love with "I'm a little Teapot" and bops her head back & forth like crazy every time she hears it.
  • EVERY SINGLE THING that she gets, she MUST give Avery some as well.  As soon as we give her a bite of something, a toy to play with, a bath, a hat, she immediately says, "Avewy??" and points to wherever big sis is.  Makes sense I guess.  She's never known life without Aves!  
  • She still eats like a champ (when she's healthy).  She likes pretty much everything we give her, and girlfriend LOVVVES her some milk!
  • She loves to tickle our feet.
  • She loves to give kisses.  Especially to my dad (Big Poppy) during Skype seshes. Kind of adorable.
  • She can sort of count.
  • She's learning her colors.  She is extremely into yellow.  I don't blame her.
  • She can bust out animal sounds on the spot and calls animals the sound they make instead their actual name.  "teet-teet" is her fave.  
  • When she's super pumped about something she sees, she raises her eyebrows 12 inches, widens her pretty little eyes, and points with major enthusiasm, "See? See?" with each exclamation getting more & more shrill.  Love.
  • She loves cars, balls, & rowdiness. 
  • She hearts her "beebeebee" (bellybutton)
  • I'm pretty sure she's faster than Aves...and has been for quite a while now :)
  • She is a rowdy little thang.  She STRUGGLES with the word, "gentle".  But she is SO insanely sweet.
  • On Christmas morning, Aves beelined for the shiny little pair of plastic high heels and couldn't see ANYTHING else in the room for 20 minutes.  Except Cameron's pair of high heels.  The second she spotted them, she ran over and desperately tried to get Cameron excited about them.  To no avail.  Cam had spotted her basketball goal and wanted nothing more.  Blinded by love.  Love what an individual my little Cam Cam is.  She and Aves are similar, but SO their own person.  
  • She still naps once a day and goes to bed around 8ish..or a little before.  
  • Her current fave thing to say is, "hummy.  hummy." (hold me) and if I say no, she alters her request to "wap, wap" (lap).  How is a mom to resist??
  • Anytime I'm working on something in the kitchen (which is a LOT), she runs to the playroom (with aves), grabs her little wooden chair, drags it into the kitchen and climbs up to watch what I'm doing.  Love my cute little company :)
  • C-Lil is a total goofball.  She keeps us entertained and cracking up on the regular.  Aves + Cam = a house full of ridiculousness.  (and love)
  • She still sings her song... "wahwahwah, wahwahwah"  Only those who have heard it can read that properly :)
  • My youngest child is an allergy baby.  Poor little nugget gets super stuffy and bigtime watery eyes every few weeks.  It effects her sleep & eating, but it doesn't usually effect her mood too much :)  #trooper (yes, i just hashtagged my daughter)
  • Camerton just straight up adores her big sis and it makes me sooo heeppppyyyyy
  • She also is IN LOVE with her faj.  She asks for him pretty much every morning, LOVES to kiss him goodnight, and asks about him all day while he's at work.  Daddy's girl much?  Loooooks like it.  
  • I put Cameron's hair in a little "pebbles" hairdo everyday because I think it fits her personality SO perfectly.  I know some people probably think it looks ridiculous, but I think it is perfection, and so I shall continue.  Maybe forever.  Who knows?  
  • I LOVE YOU C-LIL!  I love our time hangin' out before Aves wakes up from her naps.  I love your presh little giggle.  I love how excited you get when we praise you.  I love how much you adore your seester & your daddy. I love your hugs & kisses and ridiculous amounts of bouncing-off-the-wall energy (until you crash & burn into a pile of exhaustion...which, for the record, I also love)
Happy 1/2 bday little munch!  Tomorrow is mini-cupcake making day up in hurrr girlfriend.  Love you mucho my sweet!  (and you too, Aves)


Tbaby said...

LOVE. and my little homegirl loves her some milk? UMMM my fave drink...hollaaaaa

give that baby a big hug and kiss for me...wish I could see them in real life soon!

Alicia said...

Little miss is getting so big! I love reading your sweet blogs about your adorable family!