Wednesday, January 25, 2012

She Get it From Her Momma

For the last 5 days, Cameron has been crossing her eye.  You read that correctly.  Her EYE.  Singular.  Her left eye keeps crossing!  I started having a similar problem with my eyes when I was 4.  For those who have known me for most of my life, I refer to my younger years as my "goggle-days".  I wore big thick lenses in presh red frames.  And then when I matured a little, I chose pink ladybug frames instead (with the help of my trusty friend, Kelly Wilson).  Anywho- all this to say that there's a possibility we could have an adorable little glasses-wearing 18-month old before long!  I'm totally jumping the gun in saying that.  We take Cam to the ophthalmologist on Friday, so he can check her out and tell us what's up!  Who knows.  Maybe it's just a "phase".  Regardless, she's still the cutest 18-month old I know :)

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