Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Aves Potty Problemos

**DISCLAIMER:  Toddler potty talk dominates this post. {Yes... Again.}  Enter at your own risk... **

Okay.  So it alllll started after T-Giv.  Aves had been potty trained for quite a while where #1 is concerned, but was still waiting to do her BigGirlBidness in the middle of the night.  So obviously, she was still sleeping in diapers.  When she needed to poop, she would just hold it in until night time rolled around and she found sweet solace in the comfort of her good old reliable Pampers :)

Welllll one day in late November she decided that since she did not enjoy one little thing about the whole idea of feces, she would just NOT partake in that part of the human body process.  So... for 7 days, LITERALLY SEVEN DAYS she refusssssseeddd to poop.  She needed to.  Really bad.  And on MANY occassions.  But she would just squeal and jump around and holldddd it in with all of her might until the sensation passed.  I can't even remember now how the big event finally went down, but on Day7, her bowels were relieved.  But only so she could start the process over again.  This time I think it lasted  4 1/2 days, and then she got into a groove of going every 3 days or so.  But NEVER without at LEAST a good 24 hours of her poopy dance (which she had totally perfected by this time).  The dance usually took place about every hour or so.... and then as The Moment neared, it would happen every 10 or 15 minutes.  I mean... Wow. 

Aves' poopy dance always involved an interesting combination of squealing, yelling, jumping, twirling, running in circles, and then by the end, she had added little interjections of her very own language.  Um.  It was HYSterical... except that it wasn't...because the poor child was making herself MISerable.  Anywho...by early January our little Avery had begun to go more regularly, with less fighting, and with NO tears (praise the Lord!)  After talking to our doc and doing a little google-ing, we decided to talk about how AWESOME pooping is NON-STOP, reward Averton with lollipops every time she went, and watch videos of cool cartoon characters pooping on the potty.  WHAT THE HECK.  NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this to occur in my house.  Toddlers = unpredictability, which = lots of hilariousness.  :) 

So.  Avery's pooping problems are now far, far behind her.  She's regular.  She doesn't fight it.  It's a non-issue.  As it should be :)  Every now and then she still tries to sucker us into giving her a lollipop for doing her business, but we no longer succumb to that little trickster.  For those of you who had to witness the misery of Aves' Poo-Dilemma, I am SO sorry :)  She would like to thank you for your support during those difficult months and wants you to know that she is only better for it.  She would also like to thank her super-supportive baby sister Cameron, who found such joy in our poopoo-focused life and always found a way to lighten the mood ;)



Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear she is doing better. I was afraid that I was going to have to make more fudge, so she could have her "piece a pudge". This entry is so funny, yet sad. :)

Danielle said...

Girl's got some SERIOUS dedication to hold it in for seven days.

Kellianne said...

this post made me happy on so many levels.I never thought I would appreciate poop the way I do now :) I do a little poopy dance of my own FOR BRistol :) I'm so glad Aves is pooping like a champ now! I KNOW she feels better!