Tuesday, November 27, 2007

T-Giv Recap

So...my first Thanksgiving with the Bradfords was definitely NOT my first Thanksgiving away from the Curry fam...in fact, most of my Thanksgivings growing up were spent at soccer tournaments!! So, although I was away from The Curry Connection, I welcomed the idea of I know I'm a little delayed, but just thought I'd share a few highlights and pics! It was awesome :) Kerbey, Brian and I drove to Lufkin in the rain and COLLLD on Wednesday night when I got off work and coincidentally, we ran into Amy on the road! Good timing, right? Fast forward to Thursday... I was in charge of the sweet potatoes...my fav! So, I prepared a sweet potato 'bar'...kind of like the baked potato martini thingys that are so "IN" at wedding recently. Um... not even half of them got eaten...needless to say I have been eating sweet potatoes out the wazzoooo. Granny and Marsha BOTH made red velvet cakes!! YUMMYYYY...Brian and I definitely benefitted from that one...we came home with almost a whole entire cake. DELISH/bad for my love handles :)/:(

Kerbey was seriously AMAZING over the weekend. It was our first long-term road trip with her. I had taken her to Nac to see my cousins but only for the day...this was a whole 4 DAYs away from home! Everyone fell in love with her...(duh) Charlie, Brian's little cousin was obsessed with her. He completely exhausted her...which has NEVER happened! We were excited :) She only had...MAYBE 5 accidents the whole weekend (which is unbelievable considering her normal 3 accidents per day trend).

This was Kerbelicious and Charlie ALL DAY LONG on Thanksgiving.

Amy practicing her puppy-sitting skills for when Bistro and me go to NYC!!

Marsh-Marsh, Davey, & Ames babysat her on Saturday while Brian and I road tripped it to H-town to watch The Reidster's playoff game. We trekked through the rain and then sat in it for THREE HOURS!!! Good thing we came prepared with our ski gear, a tarp, approximately 5 raincoats, beanies, gloves, trashbags, rainboots, scarves, and hoods! I SO wish I had a picture of everyone...we looked ridiculous...but it was worth it! The Rangers pulled out a victory. Down by 12 with under 5 minutes left, we came out on top 34-32! UNREAL. Congrats Reidy-boo :) It was awesome to see my parentals, G-momma, Riles and Morgster, and the Reidster. I can't WAIT til Christmas with the Currys!!!

But Thanksgiving with the Bradfords was definitely TOTALLY awesome. All 5 of us Bradfords haven't gotten to spend that much time together in FOREV. Brian and I have been running around like crazy and Amy's a work-a-holic (too busy hanging out with celebrities, planning marathons, and throwing high profile parties for Dallas' finest!).

Anywho- I'm glad to hear how awesome everyone else's T-givs were! I miss all of you LOTS and can't wait to see everyone! I hope we will all be in the Shoog at SOME point over the holidays!!! Til then, God bless, love you, ...holla :)

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