Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm Giving In!!!

So... I've always been a blog/diary/journal kinda girl... I just haven't always opened up to the scrutiny of the public eye. However, thanks to a couple of things (1. our recent move to Tyler and away from so many of our friends & 2. so many of my closest friends diving into the wild world of blogging), here I am! I guess now is as good a time to start as ever! I have always HATED falling out of touch with people... so now at LEAST I can provide an easy way for everyone to keep track of every detail of our life if they so please!

So now, I bid farewell to any bit of privacy we might have gained by moving away! It's actually quite a relief :) Living an overly-private life makes me feel weird anyway :)

Update on the life that Brian and I are currently living:

We recently moved to Tyler, Tx because Brian got a GREAT job here with Pfizer! yay :) He's been gone for the last 3 weeks at training in Dallas and did a SUPER great job! He finished with the second highest test average ever (just 0.1 behind his regional manager who had the highest!) I'm so proud :) I'm working with Accelerate Performance Enhancement Center. We train athletes at all levels in their respective sports. For example, basketball players train in the Jump program. Football players train in either Speed or Power programs, etc... I'm definitely enjoying it! BUT, I can't wait til Brian is done with training, home for good, and dealin' his drugs (aka- selling LEGAL prescriptions to licensed professionals!)

We live in a super cute little townhome community that's right on the Cascades golfcourse, so we get one free round of golf a week! (That was my pitch to get people to come visit us!! We have a GREAT guest room waiting for you...and for all you golfers out there, Brian is ALWAYS up for a golfing buddy. It takes a solid 4 swings for yours truly to actually make contact with the ball, which doesn't make for a very satisfying golf experience.)

Now for the EXCITING news!! We have a new puppy! Brian came home yesterday from his first round of training and had little Kerbey Lane Bradford with him! She's a 6-mo. old boxer and she is PRESH!!!

We are having so much fun watching her eat, sleep, poop, and stumble around the house. She's definitely lacking in the coordination department, but we're working on that! She'll be a little athlete in no time! We named her (for those of you who aren't familiar with Austin, Texas) after one of our FAV places in Austin: Kerbey Lane Cafe. She's our little taste of Austin over here in East Texas!

So... that's all for now, but I'm sure I'll have something to bore you with in the near future :)
Love!! <3


Jacci said...

yay!!!! i'm so glad you are blogging now! little kerbey lane is the cutest, maybe one day her and woody can be friends! love you!!

Tichenor Family said...

Kerbey Lane is so precious and I am sooo happy to know you're blogging! I love you and miss you. Let us know when you're in Austin next. Mwah!!