Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Good Morning, Mom" Love, Kerbey

Yes, that's right. This morning I got Kerbey out of bed (she slept straight through the whole entire night...AMAZING!!) to take her to go potty outside. Usually when I pick her up in the mornings she is a S.P.A.Z. This morning, however, she laid against me, barely moved, and stared at me with this sad, worried expression on her little face. I thought it was positively adorable... until suddenly... I felt a warm, wet sensation on my leg and couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. Then, I caught a wiff of the nasty little odor and that's when I knew. My super cute little pup had urinated on my PJs!!! Instead of her morning ritual of licking my face off, she peed on me! SICK. I didn't get mad though...because I could tell she was trying SO hard to hold it hahaha. The poor little thing just couldn't control herself. What a way to start the day, eh?

In other news, Brian and I are trying to tell my 2001 black Honda Civic (in GREAT condition, I might add!) If anyone happens to randomly know of anyone in the world who might be interested, shoot me a line, k? K. Grac. :)

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Tichenor Family said...

oh you sound like a mommy! just be glad he didn't pee in your face (like my little boy can). she's so precious though.

post your car on craig's list. we sold my bmw on there! you should post it on the austin craigslist and houston too!

love you.