Friday, November 23, 2007


In honor of this day, I will write in BLACK. I know, I know...I'm so creative and witty. ANYway- moving on. So i did something that made me feel TOTALLY old, married, and adult-ish. I got up before the SUN to go... (drumroll please) ...that's right, you guessed it: SHOPPING!!

So a couple of weeks ago I started working on my Christmas gift list. I do this every year in an attempt to start my Christmas shopping that I don't become "one of those people". You know the ones I'm referring to... the "ones" who are running around at 10:30pm on Christmas Eve to find that last minute gift, which they're OBVIOUSLY not going to find because it's been sold out since 2 weeks after Thanksgiving, so they get stuck with the classic (and lame) gift card. Not that I'm dissing the gift's a beautiful thing...but if you can't come up with something personal and original for a family member... okay...I digress.

Back to my Black Friday adventure. I had every intention of getting up at 5:30 to head out, and well, I got half of it right. I got up at let Kerbey outside to take care'o'bidness...and went back to bed :) I tried again at 7:00, but decided I would just shop online. I could have SWORN I heard that online sales are even better than the in-store sales. Um...whoever gave me that bit of sadly mistaken advice is on my bad list. SO...after an hour of scouring the internet for anything even RESEMBLING a good deal, I armored up. I put on tennis shoes, a baseball cap to hide my greaseball of a head, and Brian's extra large "scrub jacket". I figured looking this nasty would clear the aisles enough for me to get my shopping done quickly! Actually...I was just WAY too tired to do anything to improve myself. I first Black Friday shopping trip EVER! (my mom and i have NEVER been big on the idea of shopping at the exact same time as 8million other people.)

Needless to say, 3 hours later I returned home with a trunk full of AWESOME gifts, a 1/2 tank less than when I left (I have yet to create a mental map of Lufkin), and a LOT more still in my bank account than I could have imagined! Who knew shopping could be so fun...and COMPETITIVE??

So...all that goes to say...God Bless Black Friday :) It's my new fav holiday!

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Kellianne said...

roxonna boyul! I found your blog and I'm so happy I did! Well.... I am one crazy nut like yourself to jump right in on black friday! I got started oh about lie. haha I got what I wanted though! I also did the same thing, covered my greaseball hair with a hat, thinking that no one would recognize me. haha...hope you are doing well!