Sunday, November 11, 2007

My First Visitor!!

So Magen came to visit this weekend!!! My first official visitor since our move to Tyler...besides our parents who don't REALLY count :) It was definitely AWESOME to have a friend here with me for a while! Since Brian has been gone I feel like I have become a complete anti-social! I guess it COULD have something to do with the fact that I basically have a newborn child to take care of (aka- a 7-week old puppy who poops more than I EAT!!...and that's saying somethin'!)

Our weekend consisted of neglecting our puppies to road trip it to Sherman to see Rileton play, only to arrive 2 hours later than expected...JUST as the game ended! We were quickly filled in on the events of the afternoon and apparently Riley had a COMPLETELY amazing game...until the 3rd quarter when in a FREAK accident, his hand got ripped open by some dude's helmet. BUMMERRRR! I did, however, get to join him in the training room after the game to watch his hand get stitched up. I was sad I didn't get to take any was pretty bad! He's supposed to be getting x-rays tonight so say a little prayer that it's not broken! They have their first playoff next weekend against Mary-Hardin Baylor (and they're typically SUPER good!)

Magen and I were pretty stoked about going out to eat with the team after the game because we always go somewhere really good... well um, we went to Golden Corral. Boo. So...Magen and I drove BACK about 2 hours after we got there and rescued our poor little stranded puppies. The bakery we were SO excited about dining at this morning...was closed. So we ate at Dennys, I gave her a lesson on airing up your tires, we dropped on my Civic that I'm trying to get sold ASAP, and Magen headed out. It was definitely a weekend full of unfortunate surprises...but that didn't stop us from having a blast together as always :) THANK you Magen for coming to visit me! I'm hoping you were the first of MANY! Oh...and I MUST mention the Ultimate Highlight of the weekend:

I had the HONOR of signing Magen Gray up for Facebook!! Believe me....that's HUGE!!

Anyway, we took a family portrait before Magen and Sport headed out... I'll leave you with that! Here's to my last week alone before the hub returns!!! :) Prayers for a safe trip home would be appreciated!

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Jacci said...

you're so cute sexy. i'm SO freakin glad you got Magen to get on facebook! i was so excited to get her friend request. i hope we get to see you soon. yay for the hubs getting home!!! love ya.