Thursday, November 22, 2007

MeRRy Thanksgiving!!!

Okay, so I know it's not Christmas yet...but I LOVE Thanksgiving just about as much as I love Christmas! AND...when THanksgiving comes along, it automatically starts the Christmas Season in my this holiday DEFINITELY merits a "Merry" at the beginning <3

My AWESOME Heavenly Father, THANK YOU! Thank You for Your grace and Your mercy. Thank You for Your amazing and precious son, Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for His example and for His sacrifice. Your forgiveness is truly miraculous. I thank You, Lord, for my incredible family and for making Your love SO apparent through them! Thank You for my totally awesome husband who loves me, supports me, makes me happy, and through whom You reveal Yourself to me in new ways EVERY DAY! Thank you for the happiness of so many of the ones that I love. I pray that Joy, Peace, and Love that can ONLY come from You will reign over this day. You are amazing. You are my Savior and my rock. I love you and I THANK YOU!!! I pray that I can be so thankful on EVERY occasion! :)

MERRY THANKSGIVING to all...I love you! :)

"Give THANKS to The Lord, for He is good; His LOVE endures FOREVER!!"
-Ps. 107:1

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BrittneyNicole said...

looove you.. and your prayer... i am thankful to be able to check in with your life anytime with just a quick click.. love ya, tell the Mister Hi!