Thursday, March 19, 2009

To Shampoo or NOT to Shampoo?

Okay... so I used to be a daily hair-washer. With as much as I workout/play outside/sweat, I figured it was just DISRESPECTFUL to those around me to go a day without a good shampoo. Well, in the last couple of years I have learned to refrain from the daily dose and have embraced more of an every-other-day approach to hair-washing. (I learned this from one of my fav college roomies who washed her hair MAYBE twice a week...the little grease-ball). Anyhow- I have found that for me, despite a teeny bit of extra grease factor, less really IS more when it comes to shampooing. My hair stays a bit shinier, sheds less, and feels thicker and healthier when I skip on the shampoo every other day or so. Check out this article and decide for yourself!!


*L said...

yay.. i love this article. i stopped washing my hair so much too, im about a two-times-a-week'er and the results have been great. my hair actually is much less oiler than it used to be after the first two days. it all balanced it and yes, much shiner, thicker, etc.

Kayla said...

Loved the article! But I can't believe ppl would actually go a month! But I totally agree, you couldn't pay me to do the blow dry, straighten, curl routine more than 4 times a week max! :)