Monday, March 16, 2009


First off- Happy bday to Bethany & Kayla!!! :)

Spent the weekend in Dallas...sort of. Here's the breakdown:


Headed to Dallas to meet up with Kayla/Nug/Lance/Heather, then realized that Hurst is not Dallas, missed the movie, headed to Denton, back to Dallas for bday dinner with the gang, and back to Denton again to stay the night with Noah & Kayla (not Agan).


Woke up, went to grab some brunch with hubling bc Noah apparently does not eat...he keeps not ONE morsel of food in his apt. Headed back to Noah's apt, showered up, watched Tiger finish his round and headed to Irving to meet the Freede/Agan/Girod clan for a Hotel Bday Party! Thoroughly enjoyed red velvet cupcakes, opened presents, chatted, laughed, ate some delish "gourmet southwestern cuisine", almost ate some ramen noodles instead (long story) and then left Dallas. Decided NOT to leave Dallas, stayed with Brian's sis Amy instead, slept GREAT.

Sunday- 3/15

Woke up, ate YUMMY breakfast at Barbec's (yummyyy beer biscuits!), chilled with Ames, drove to McKinney to drop B off at the golf course, and headed out to kill time until 630. Went to the coolest mall ever, tried to see a movie but none of the times worked, so bought a couple books, did some reading, did some shopping, ran some errands, got lots of pregnant-girl attention, looked @ baby stuff, then picked Brian up again to head to Tyler.

FUN weekend. LOVED seeing Nug/Cody, Kayla/Lance, & Dougie/Vickster! AND Noah/Kayla (not Agan). AND Amy Lynn Bradford :)

But...good to be home.

Oh, and btw- LOVING this sunshine!

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