Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Shower #2: Austin, Tx

I have been SO looking forward to heading to Austin for the weekend! On Friday, as soon as Brian finished his interview (we'll let you know how it went as soon as WE know!), we planned on packing up and heading to the ATX for some quality time in a quality PLACE with some super-quality people :) We ended up getting to Austin much later than we had anticipated, which was perfectly fine bc Nug hooked us up with a place to stay!

I must say that Code-Code and Nugling have done a great job decorating their cute little Round Rock Apartment. Brian and I LOVED the location, and the bed was ultra-comf too :) Thank you Nug for hosting us, hanging out, and just being awesome. I love you and miss you already!

Saturday morning found Brian and me at Barton Creek Mall. We indulged in some good ol' CPK (yummmm!), did a small amount of shopping, and then headed to Banana's for the shower! Our hostesses were the bomb and supplied us with delicious snacks, cute decor, an awesome diaper cake, and even some POOPY diapers!! We had a grand old time chatting, playing, and laughing the day away. We ended with some delish dinner at Chuy's with Nug, Cody, Riles, & Tbabe. It took forev, but it was GREAT to spend as much time as possible with some ppl we love!

Brian drove the entire way home while I slept most of it, so we were able to wake up in our OWN cozy bed on Sunday morning! Thanks hub, I LOVE YOUUUU :)

Thanks sooooo much Banana, Moo, & Tbabe. We absolutely loved the shower and LOVED getting to see all of you guys! Avery loved it :)

Teresa's IMPRESSIVE diaper cake :)
My pretty hostesses <3

Magen's home-made poopy diapers

Yeah...we had to smell them and guess what they were... YUM.

Two of my fav boys!!


Ivy said...

you are so gorgeous rox! <3

Kellianne said...

roxana boyul, love the pics! You need to post a belly shot!