Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hump Day Happenings...

Today has been a GREAT day...and for many fantastic reasons :) It started with the weather... AWESOME. The sun was shining bright with few clouds to get in the way, and we reached 80 degrees here in Tyler, Texas!! That's my kind of weather, my friends. So, Brian and I sat in the back yard and played with the dogs for almost an hour, then played with our newly-discovered sprinkler system (which Kerbey is IN LOVE with, btw... Missy is another story, but maybe it'll grow on her). I'm pumped because maybe now our yard won't be brown and so crunchy that I can't even handle walking barefoot on it. Brian fertilized and watered the yard, attempted to deal with our weed-infestation, and then went to work out while I took a niiiice long nap! Talk about a TERRIFIC afternoon with the hub!

Today was also a super tremend day at work. I had 7 clients and was done by 11:30am!! If I could have it my way, I'd be booked all morning/every morning and be done by lunch time...but alas- I'll just enjoy my Wednesdays as that is my only perfect workday :) Hey- I'll take what I can get!

I spent my post-nap afternoon preparing some of Vickster's (aka-Mrs. Freede's) famous Apple Bread...but with a Bradford twist. You see, Brian and I have fallen in love with our juicer all over again. We realized that we have totally neglected our vegetable consumption (prob due to my terrible pregnancy cravings for carbs, chocolate, & cheese) so we've dedicated ourselves to one glass of yummy fruit/veggie juice a day! All of the shavings from the various fruits & veggies can be used for all kinds of things (Brian makes awesome omelettes with them)...but I have wanted to try to sneak them into bread or muffins for a while tonight is the true test! I'll let you know how the bread turns out....all I know so far is that it smells DELECTABLE!

OH! And to top off my Happy hub came home from the gym with a dozen red roses!!! And they're GORGEOUS! I love my hub <3 Now- it's time for some spinach/artichoke dip appetizer and eggplant parmesan for dinner. My hub is the best chef I know. How lucky am I!?


the tichenor family said...

okay, this post just made me so hungry!! send me the apple bread recipe, sounds delish!

*L said...

my mom just upgraded juicers and gave me her old one. i don't even know where to start but that's awesome that you can use the shavings. i always feel bad for them!

p.s. congrats on the preg! i'll send you a onesie (settler's way discount--free) as soon as she arrives!