Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cake Bakin'

So I broke down at the gas station the other day. I had to grab some milk because we were out (I can't live without my daily glasses of milk!)...and as I made my way to the eye caught a DELICIOUS looking box of yellow cake mix! So anywho- I broke down and bought it and have been planning on baking a layer cake and icing it with yummy chocolate icing! I wanted to do some kind of mini cake in some kind of fun shape. I have a giant heart cookie cutter, so that's what I went with and :) But it definitely doesn't look all that awesome. I was thinking that it would prob look WAY better if I dressed it up with some strawberry slices or something...but I don't want to waste my strawberries :)

So all that to say- I love to bake, and I always think, "I could totally do that," when I see awesome decorated cakes. Um... apparently it's a lot harder than it looks to make a cake look super impressive.

Still tastes DAAANNNNNG good though :)

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*L said...

what a tease! i want to see pictures of the goods:)