Monday, January 7, 2008

Sweeney Todd... EW!

On Saturday, Brian and I had the pleasure of catching a matinee by the name of "Sweeney Todd". Anyone who went to Clements High School is probably familiar with this play. Rhonda Messick starred in the Clements version as the crazy meat-pie (made of murdered human) maker, Mrs. Lovett. So...when I caught the play at Clements I loved it! It was sick and twisted, but threw in quite a bit of humor, which made it enjoyable and light. Um... I should have known that any movie with Johnny Depp and that weird lady that played Mrs. Lovett would NOT be light hearted. It was the bloodiest, darkest movie ever. There were MAYBE 5 whole seconds that meritted a chuckle throughout the entire movie. On the way home, I just felt really weird and disturbed and I prayed that God would erase the previous 2.5 hours of my life from my memory. I figured I was over it. THEN...that night i had a terrible twisted scary dream involving my family, guns, and dead people. NOT COOL. I've never had a nightmare IN MY LIFE that I can that fact that I did after seeing Sweeney Todd does NOT speak well for this atrocious film. Okay...that's all.

Moral of the day: DO. NOT. SEE. SWEENEY. TODD. ...or any other movie where you watch the murders of over 20 people take place in squirty, bloody detail.

Now...I'll leave you with a happy image to try to erase the previous nasty mental pictures from your mind!!

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Kayla said...

haha I am so glad I read that! I was going to go see it. Thanks for the lovely flowers though! :)