Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bring It, 2008!!

I have been SUPER ecstatic about the arrival of 2008 for quite a while now. I pretty much get excited about every matter how pointless it is, but this time I've been especially stoked. Brian has kept asking me why I'm so anxious for 2008 to get here and I think I just can't wait to have an official line to cross to start our SETTLED life together! Ever since we got married, I feel like we have been in CONSTANT transition! Not that I mind, I mean...I get bored when life finds me in too much of a routine, but I just haven't felt quite the way I thought I would after Brian and I got married! I know part of that is just because God is keeping me on my toes...and keeping us humble. He has done an INCREDIBLE job of reminding us that He is absolutely in control and will take care of our EVERY little need if we will only place our burdens on His shoulders. God has definitely been amazing. Here are some of the FANTASTIC ways that God has been all up in our business:

1. Our wedding day was the most fun day EVER for both of us, and it could not have gone better! (despite the fact that about 25 things didn't go the way they were supposed to...but that somehow didn't phase ANYONE!)

2. God answered a HUGE PRAYER of mine and presented the opportunity for Brian to leave his old job in Austin while maintaining an influential relationship with his old boss.

3. He put us through a pretty long waiting period while Brian job hunted, and at the end answered our prayers with all that we asked for and more! God taught us patience for HIS timing, trust in His will and His way, He provided for us financially in the coolest ways...even when we had no idea where money was gonna come from, He provided Brian with some time to separate from the world and rediscover his passions and God's place in His life, He gave me the opportunity to be a supportive and loving wife, and then He gave us a new start in a new place with new opportunities to share in His Kingdom!

4. He allowed for all things to work out perfectly with my internship and graduation from UT without a single complication :)

5. He has provided Brian with some pretty cool relationships with his new work buddies and the same for me! We both love where we are at the present.

Now...back to my excitement about 2008! here are the things I'm totally excited about:

1. I am so excited for Brian to be DONE with training and back home for GOOD! I LOVE spending weekends at HOME together...because since we moved to Tyler in August, I think we've only had like... MAYBE three.

2. I love our little pup Kerbs and I am excited for her to have other puppy lame as that sounds. It's fun for us to go out and take her to the park because it's an excuse to be outside and appreciate the beauty around us. For some reason, I have been much more aware of the beauty of God's creation since I got to Tyler. It really is beautiful around here.

3. I'm excited to be a little bit further along in my quest towards nursing school...the more I find out about the vast opportunities a nursing career will bring, the more excited I get!

4. I'm excited to be OFFICIALLY licensed as a personal trainer and hopefully find some clients of my own in TYLER.

5. I'm excited about the new relationships that I have started to form in Tyler.

6. I'm excited that our townhouse looks more and more like a home everyday!

7. I'm excited about my new yellow stand mixer!!!

8. As weird as everyone thinks it is, I am beyond ecstatic to finally have an awesome vacuum :)

9. I can't wait to start my other part time job doing some marketing for a doctor in Tyler. I have no marketing experience, but have always had an interest! And I basically just love new experiences :)

10. I am super happy to finally get to plan some trips to see my friends in Dallas, Houston, and Austin! ...AND to get to spend some time with my friends with kids :)

11. I am excited that I no longer feel silly for not knowing what I want to "BE when I grow up"

Now...I guess I'll go out in style just like Mer and Kayla, but I'll just stick with like...60. This is gonna be "Roxanne Bradford at the beginning of 2008"...I'm excited to compare the following list with the the one I make at the END of 2008 and see how much things have changed! goes"

1. I miss Austin, but I'm not sad about it.
2. I miss Sugar Land.
3. I can't wait til Dane's wedding.
4. I really want Riles and Morgan to get married!
5. Part of me is TOTALLY against Reid going to San Diego State and the other part can't wait to go visit him there!
6. I want to go to Massage School
7. I can't seem to talk myself out of pursuing nursing school.
8. I want to become a yoga instructor..but not really...
9. Camping is one of my fav things ever and I can't wait to use our new camping stuff!
10. I LOVE Project Runway
11. I want a sewing machine
12. Scrapbooking is my official "2008 Hobby"
13. I find it ironice that I LOVE working out AND i help others do it every day, but i myself don't do it very often.
14. I love being around active people.
15. I love having personal conversations.
16. I love being nosy (in a caring kind of way) :)
17. I love going to work in UnderArmour.
18. Having Kerbey around has made me feel less awkward around babies who can't talk.
19. I CAN'T WAIT to find a church home in Tyler!!!
20. I really truly want to have a positive effect for the people I come into contact with.
21. I am starting to accept responsibility for the gifts that God has blessed me with...I'm just trying to figure out all of the different ways I can use them!
22. I want to visit Dane and Jules in Nica.
23. I REALLY want to spend time helping in an orphanage.
24. I want to make people feel more comfortable with themselves.
25. I want people to feel loved.
26. I want to find great couple friends for Bistro and I to hang out with that like being outside, like watching sports, and a wife who still likes being girly sometimes!
27. I am super thankful for my best friends.
28. I'm excited that Teresa is back from Spain and that God did LOTS of work in her while she was gone!
29. I hope to pray for the people I love more diligently this year.
30. I NEED to organize our home office, but can't bring myself to tackle the massive pile of MESS in there!
31. I want to get involved in causes that I care about!
32. I don't want the views around me to change my convictions.
33. I want Brian to approve of my solid wifing skills :) ...and to touch up on the ones I'm lacking in!
34. I want to start sending cards to people instead of just thinking about it all the time!
35. I want to travel somwhere through FitnessProTravel!
36. I want to help someone plan their wedding!
37. I still love hershey's chocolate a TON!
38. Baked Lays are on of my fav things to eat EVER!
39. I feel weird when I don't have at LEAST one glass of milk a day.
40. I like trying to live a Green Lifestyle :)
41. I want to talk to my grandparents more often so that they never doubt that I love them and think of them often!
42. I love talking to my mom on the phone :) ...usually!
43. My dad is the greatest person EVER and can ALWAYS make me laugh :)
44. Riley inspires me to be better.
45. Reid is an amazing picture to me of the Love of Christ.
46. I LOVE that Brian gets home from work before I do (and even had dinner waiting for me sometimes!!)
47. I still struggle with the fact that Brian is the cook of the family...I kind of feel like I'm slacking in the wife department sometimes...but I think I'm starting to come to terms with reality :)
48. I love jeans, flats, long t-backs and tight tees :)
49. Sometimes when I have tons of creative thoughts flowing through my head I get overwhelmed and then forget them all! It's really frustrating...
50. I'm glad Brian's a snuggler :)
51. I miss going to sportsbars to watch games!
52. I miss God a LOT when I get too wrapped up in life to think about Him!
53. I love to read, but can never choose which book to read next.
54. I am getting better at being decisive... it feels weird, but I think I like it!
55. I feel really sad for Britney Spears and I hope someone can help her.
56. I wish I wasn't so intrigued by celeb gossip.
57. I love the suburbs.
58. I want to live in the same city as Rileton and Reidster when we are all grown up :)
59. I love visiting my parentals in the shoog!
60. I am SO happy that I'm married to Brian. He is the greatest and supports me better than I thought was possible! God hooked me up :)


Tichenor Family said...

how did you make that super cute blog topper thing? do tell!!

BrittneyNicole said...

you are amazing and inspiring and genuine.. youre solid and i love it.. thanks for visiting me the other da--it really made me feel so special.. looove you!!