Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"R" Movies Suck.

SO Brian and I watched quite a few movies this weekend since I was bed/couch-ridden. We made pretty decent picks for the most part, but one of MY choices turned out to be a TOTALLY bad one. I picked that Ben Stiller comedy "The Heartbreak Kid" where he gets married to this awesome chick and then after their wedding she turns out to be a total nutcase. NOT GOOD.
Um... I am basically just completely sick of movies that look soooo cute and innocent and funny and light-hearted in the previews and then turn out to be terrible! I guess I just never pay attention to the rating anymore, but that has changed my friends. I am officially boycotting "R" rated comedies. The last THREE that I have wanted to see were terrible!! Well, I never actually watched two of them, but I heard enough about them to know that I would NOT have liked them.

1. Knocked Up: the previews looked soooo cute! And hilarious. And all I heard was how terrible the language was and how inappropriate it was. I watched the first 15 minutes and I was donesky.

2. Good Luck Chuck: same as above. It looked like it had major potential for cute entertainment... my few friends who saw it informed me otherwise. I kind of hate the "F" word, and for some reason I guess it's not possible to make a movie without WAYYY overusing that term.

3. The Heartbreak Kid: ok, seriously just NOT good at all. COmpletely ridiculous plot...NOT even very funny, raunchy, bad language, just...dumb/gross.

So...I'm done with the "R" rated comedies.

Oh, and in lou of recent events in the Celebrity World... for some reason Heath Ledger's death has made me really sad. So...say a prayer for his little baby girl :( and for the family he left behind. No parent should have to watch their child die before they do :(


Valerie said...

I pretty much agree with you! I did not enjoy Knocked Up at all. It's like in every movie these days the F word is all over the place. So annoying!

Carrie Jo Howard said...

Seriously... he was so flipping hot... such a shame...

Kellianne said...

it seems as though a lot of movies they are making these days turn out they way you said it. booo! Heath's death has made me sad too for some odd reason? definitely say prayers for sweet little Matilda