Sunday, January 13, 2008


So this week is going to be nuts. Lots of new things are coming to the table. I am starting my newest job tomorrow, which I am pretty excited about! I feel like I have a new job every 3 months, but that's okay with me, because so far it's always been a GREAT change and an awesome opportunity! This newest one has just kind of worked out even faster than I expected, AND I'm finally getting to really dive into training. For the long-term. YES!!! It's about dang time, that's all I have to say. But, God's timing never seems to be totally in line with mine anyway :) Oh well...apparently He's about 86thousand times wiser than me! mornings at the new job, in the evenings I'm continuing with my original Tyler job at APEC, which I LOVE so much and I LOVE the relationships I have built through that job, but I just can't settle for a highschool level paycheck when i have a COLLEGE DEGREE!!! Thennnn on Tuesday I start my classes at TJC. I'm officially venturing back into the classroom for the semester. Just 2 classes. I'm excited/weirded out, but I'm keepin on keepin on the path to Nursing School :) I also have to get my oil changed, my car inspected, my tail light fixed, fit in a volunteer orientation at the hospital, meet with another potential employer annnd start shadowing some nurses at the hospital when I have a free moment or two!! Goodness. Everything seems to be happening at one time, but that's okay. It'll be a fun exciting week! I DEFINITELY need to make a to-do list or I will never make it through the week. Hope everyone is doing super great!!

Oh, and P.S. I'm INCREDIBLY jealous of everyone who has cute stylish short choppy hair!!! You guys are brave, I'm too scared, and my hair is way too long. I will NOT chop-chop anytime in the near future, and that is kind of depressing to me. it, ladies :) You guys are hot <3

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Carrie Jo Howard said...

Good Luck with your CrAzY week!!! :)