Friday, January 25, 2008

Just another Friday...

I'm really excited to have our SECOND WEEKEND IN A ROW with no out-of-town plans!! Brian and I are really starting to settle into this Tyler life :) It's fun. I spent the week going to school (which is fun! I always loved school and it's fun to be back...esp since it's in my fav subject...ANATOMY!). Brian had a typical week at work...which is a good thing :) I'm officially done at APEC, which is a teeny bit sad because I LOVVVED the cute little kids AND made some pretty great friends there...but this week has already proven that we'll still be friends even though I don't get to see them every day anymore. YAY for having friends!!

I spent most of the past 2 days visiting the few gyms around Tyler and looking into training opportunities at each of them. I'm excited to be inching closer to getting some clients! It will be a challenge since I don't have much a network going here, but it will come in time :) I actually kind of started working at one gym last week and then discovered that it is a TERRIBLE run business, the majority of the employees are backstabbers (in 2 days I think they ALL badmouthed each other in my presence), and it was just...not a very encouraging scene. So I said thanks but NOOOO Thanks and peaced out. Quite a relief. Bobby (my old boss) has been amazing with helping steer me to some great places to job search. Thanks Bob-O!

Last night Brian and I took the Kerbster to her first PUPPY CLASS!!! She was BY far the cutest one there OF course, and she was the most well behaved. I have to say that we have done a pretty good job of training her...but she still has a TONNNN of work to do. The instructor lady is pretty cool...we already learned a lot of great tips last night! I'm excited!
Kerbey is getting soooo big!!

Afterwards we went and met some friends at Buffalo WIld just opened.. YAY! Brian and I are HUGE wing it's nice to have a good wings place here FINALLY. It's starting to really make me sad that our friends here are all leaving us in a month!! They all have to report to Spring Training soon...figures. Oh well...they'll all be back when season is FALLLL :(

Tonight we're going out with Bobby (my old boss) and his wifey Jennifer to this grrrrrreat place that Brian took me to for my bday dinner. Villa Montez. It's kind of like...California Mexican...Latin food...DELISH. I'm excited to go back. OH! And Jennifer Stroupe (formerly Jennifer KNIGHT) is an ACU Alum. Any of you know her? I was kind of excited about that. Even though it's not my alma-mater...I kind of feel like it is sometimes. Weird, I know.Me and Bistro on my b-day dinner. Unfortunately, I had to work late that night and had all of 25 minutes to shower and head out the door.

The one thing regarding this weekend that I am NOT excited about is this weather!!! I have actually LOVED the cold for the first time in my LIFE...but the cold/wet combo is stinky. It's miserable no matter how many layers I have on! Anyway...that's my rambling session for the day. I love you guys, and I miss you all and hope I get to see you soon!

and PS- Carrie, I totally feel ya about the TV sitch this weekend. With no football, what the HECK are we supposed to do on a cold, rainy, Sunday afternoon??

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Carrie Jo Howard said...

haha... we spent this past Sunday playing Wii and napping. I strongly suggest getting a Wii... SO MUCH FUN!!!! :)