Sunday, January 13, 2008


Love. This. Movie.

My parents were in for the weekend (kind of just for a visit, and kind of just for my bday) and on Saturday evening we went to see Juno. Ellen Page...I love her. She is my new fav cute person. I'm not sure how old she is in reality, but in the movie she's a 16-yr old who gets preggers with her bff (this totally nerdy dude who runs in realllly short shorts) and then gives the baby up for adoption. She keeps the couple involved with her pregnancy and has this dream for her kid to end up with a perfect parents and be raised in a perfect little fam with a perfect little suburban life (something she does NOT have). So...the couple (Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman) end up NOT being as perfect as they seemed... and's just an awesome, funny, weird, super-cute movie. It definitely has some indie flare...which usually is a plus :0) I would highly recommend it!

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