Thursday, October 1, 2009

Most Bestest Baby EVERRR.

I have the Most Bestest Baby EVERRR.
***DISCLAIMER:  I'm fully aware that every mom thinks that!

I'm starting to believe that Avery is not real.  Seriously, she is so freaking chill! Today I took her on the ultimate shopping trip (for me, anyway).  We left the house at about 9:30a, grabbed a latte from MickeyDs, went to Ross, then to Big Lots, then to Hobby Lobby, then to FedExOffice, and then finallyyyy headed home.  Our trip took about 4 hours and took place in the middle of some major rainage.  In between our stops we played in the car a little bit, changed the diapy, ate, walked around an empty parking lot (with an umbrella)...and my sweetbaby didn't complain!  She got a teeny bit fussy when she got hungry, but after her tummy was nice and full- she was all smiles again!

I think she's a lot like her momma...getting out of the house makes her happyyyyy!  She's at her best when we're outside in the fresh air (although I'm pretty sure that's the case with most babies!)  Seriously, Lord, I am SO thankful for little Averton.  She's so sweet and laid back and social and I LOVE IT...and HER :)  I would love her even if she cried nonstop and hated life....loving her just wouldn't be quite as FUN.

PS- That super cute little shirt is from Noah & his girlfriend Kayla! (Noah is the awesome guy we're living with right now!) Pretty funny.  We saw those teeny little recliners at Big Lots...HOOK 'EM.  That made me happy.  I can just picture Aves in her little UT cheerleader outfit sitting next to her  little bro in these chairs watching a UT game...  Someday :)  Maybe :)

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Abby Kreck said...

Sweet little Avery!!! To heck with all the hodge podge people who say, " just got a good baby!" I don't believe in that! They are how the parents treat them and make them be! So good for you Roxanne! You are a great mom raising a GREAT baby girl!!! and to top it off, she's beautiful too! xoxo