Thursday, October 8, 2009

5 months!!!

That doesn't sound weird until I think about how ALMOST 6 months little Ave is!

5 month old avery:
-makes her "talking" a LOT!
-has a heart melting smile that automatically turns a questionable mood into a SUPER happy one!
-is getting SO close to crawling! She gets on her hands and knees and rocks like crazy and then lunges her body forward until she can reach what ages trying to get to. It cracks me UP!
-is finally getting over almost 3 weeks of congestion :(
-is no longer a fan of the booger vac/aspirator
-rolls over back and forth all over the place
-loves to have wrestling matches with her blankys
-bounces like a crazy fool in her jumperoo... Sometimes so hard that she scares herself!
-falls asleep in her jumperoo too. WAY cute.
-goes to bed around 1030ish and is up about 8
-naps twice a day including her long morning nap
-is NOT a fan of peaches but LOVES applesauce, pears, carrots, sweet peas, sweet potatoes
-wont eat if her diaper is dirty/wet
-still loves kylee's pretty face and happy twangy voice
-eats every 3 hours
-loves the breeze and being outside
- loves her stroller
-is starting to throw a minor and extremely short lived tantrum when we first put her in her car seat
-sleeps with her dolly. ALWAYS.
-loves her crinkle book
-is in size 6/9 month clothes
-fake coughs
-loves to chew on her hands-or anything else for that matter
- has super strong legs. If only she had some balance :)
-eats my hair- ew.
-pulls out EVERYONEs hair. Ouch.
-recognizes mommys laugh from a mile away
-actually snuggles with us from time to time!
-gets distracted by her hands pretty regularly
-makes nail trimming super difficult
-is enthralled with watching people eat -LOVES to be sung to or danced with
-gets lots of compliments for being so chill (MOST of the time)
-has been. Sleeping in her pack n play for over a month now!
-takes. A big huge deep breath right before she drifts into a deep sleep
-makes a really adorable relaxed groaning noise that normally precedes her big huge deep breath
-squeals with glee at her toys, some of mommys songs, most of daddys dance moves
-laughs more and more :)
-looks SO much like her daddy according to 95% of the people who see her
-loves "milkshake", "my little buttercup", watching me shake her bottle, getting cold water thru a straw, rib tickles
-loves watching football
-doesn't get scared when kerbey gives her kisses
-gets really happy when she first sees her daddy after work
-is officially done nursing :(
-greets me with the most beautiful smile of all time EVERY morning!
-is our sweet little angel
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Jacci said...

so sweet, you're such a great mommy. can't wait to see that little munchkin. love you!!

The Keierleber Family said...

That is a GREAT 5 month pic!!! :)

L-Kat said...

that photo is ridiculously adorable, i can't get over it. congrats mommy!