Monday, October 5, 2009

Such is Life...for now!

  • Printing, Signing, & Faxing paperwork
  • Online apartment hunting
  • Driving around to check out printed list of top apmt prospects
  • Online job searching
  • Uploading resume and clicking "Send" wayyyy too many times to count
  • Changing my profile on until it reads "strong" instead of "fair"
  • Searching Used Cars for sale by owner online
  • Sending a MILLION emails asking for VIN#s and losing track of the responses
  • Scouring Craigslist 18 x a day for new job postings/used car ads
  • Walking into Avery's room every morning to her HEART-MELTING smile :)
  • Feeding Aves
  • Changing Aves
  • Making WalMart runs JUST to get out of the house... PRETTY much every day
  • Taking walks around Noah's 'hood with little Avie <3
  • Laughing at Avery bouncing in her jumperoo
  • Tickling Aves bc her laugh makes me insanely happy
  • Trying desperately & usually unsuccessfully to get Avery's nails trimmed
  • Eating frozen dinners
  • Relishing my grind-it-yourself-PB
  • Waiting for B to get home from work... only to work some more!
  • Praying for Averton
  • Praying that our home-sale goes smoothly
  • Praying about our car sitch
  • Praying about our living sitch
  • Praying prayers of PRAISE for God's provision, protection, and perfect timing :)


the tichenor family said...

praying for you. with you. love you so much!!

Jacci said...

Why do you have to be in the 'plex as soon as I leave :( love you and praying for the bradford fam always!

♥ sarahbeth. said...

aw good luck with the job search girl. it'll all work out! prayin' for ya! xoxo