Monday, October 26, 2009

Moved In...Sorta.

We're in our apartment!!! Yay!

Friday night Brian and I rushed to Tyler to attend our mini-going-away party.  Good times :)  Thanks to those who came to bid us farewell!

Saturday we packed up the MASSIVE truck ALL.DAY.LONG.  Unfortunately all of our friends who would have helped us were out of town so it was up to the two of us.  Amanda was a life-saver and kept Aves at her house all day so we could FOCUS.  Brian's dad drove in to to help us during the afternoon....THANK YOUUUUUU GUYS!

Sunday morning we finished up, and loaded up David's truck and my car with the extra stuff and headed to Carrollton where Ames & MarshMarsh were waiting to help UNload!

The unloading part was a cinch.  SO HAPPY to have everything moved in, the truck turned in, and a place of our own again!

Now I'll spend my days unpacking boxes and making room to live...hopefully everything will be in its place by the end of the week!

Thanks Amanda & Bradfords for your help!! We would NOT have survived without you guys :)  We love you!!

Oh- and PROPS to my hubling for driving the HUMONGOUS moving truck like a champ.  Impressive work, babe.  :)

Lastly, congrats to MerMer on the pregnancy!! Praying for you guys for sure!


Jacci said...

aww, glad you got at least a little help! yay for getting moved in! funny how similar our lives are at the moment ;) love you mama!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the smooth move girl! glad you had some extra help...whatta lifesaver! Have fun decorating your new place and I cant wait to see pictures!! = )