Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sargeant Cune & Pretty Nicole

So, today Cune (my prophetic gym owner) trained some of the female trainers. Apparently this used to be a weekly tradish, but has kind of fallen off the map in recent months. Anywho, we're picking it back up! I'm way excited. I LOVE working out with other people. SO much more entertaining. Um...sad story though. It made me realize how NOT in great shape I am. I'll blame part of it on our pregnancy situation from the last few weeks. I was definitely not quite feeling up to par. But STILL! It felt sooooooooo good and I'm POSITIVE that I'm gonna be super sore tomorrow. And I'm way excited about that. It's been a while! At the end of the workout Cune pulled a fast one on me, though. We ran 3 miles! YUCK. I am NOT a runner. I mean, I can do it, but the THOUGHT of doing it does not excite me in the LEAST! Unless I'm at Town Lake in my beloved Austin :) We trucked through it, though, and I feel awesome and exhausted tonight! I think I'm going to sleep amaaaazingly!

I have started getting a lot closer with some of the girls who train at Premier with me. They're awesome. They have been ultra sweet and I am reallyyyy excited to continue getting to know them. I think me and 2 others, Emily & Markquette, are gonna start doing a weekly lunch. Fun :) Em and her bf of a LONG time are going through a break up and she is reallyyyy struggling, but is starting to see God working through it! Yay God :)

I talked with Cune for a while today about our miscarriage and he was superrr empathic. He and his wife went through a miscarriage at 24 weeks before they were Christians. He said it was one of the most difficult things he's ever experienced, BUT it led to him finding and accepting Jesus and ultimately has led to an amaaazing ministry that he has in Tyler! Just another example of how awesome God is, and how incredible it is to look back at our struggles and see where The Lord has been working like crazy through them.

Finally, I must post this BEAUTIFUL picture of one gorgeous actress who is a FAV of one of my best friends. Lately I have been noticing Nicole's age starting to show, but DANNNNG, this pic was taken a few days ago and that girl is bangin! So Kayla, this one's for you... you guys and hope you all have a terrific week :) Mer and guys have an AWESOME time together this weekend! I'll be thinkin of you 4 :) Roberto- you are in our prayers BIG TIME! T-babe, I'm prayin like crazy for your interview and for the END OF YOUR COLLEGE CAREER! Loobs- I'm writing you another letter in the morning! And, PS- I miss you! Hub- you're the bomb :)

Love <3


Kayla said...

She's SO HOT!

Tbaby said...

ahahhahah:):) yayyyyy!! thanks're the best:) and i'm glad your gettin' your butt kicked during this, hopefully, weekly tradition:) I know how much you love to get killed while working out;) I miss you. and will see you oh so soooon:):) besos, mi amor:)

Jacci said...

Rox I find it REALLY hard to believe that you could ever be "out of shape" !!! but...enjoy the work outs! they will only make you more sexy! thanks for the prayers, it means alot!! love you so much!

Tichenor Family said...

you are so sweet, thanks for the shout out. still thinkin bout you lots and praying for the bradfords!! love you sweet girl.

p.s. when i saw you a few weeks ago, you were TEENY tiny, so that "out of shape" business cannot be true. you are beautiful.

Magen said...

Hey woman...I'm so glad you have this blog to keep me updated 24/7! I miss you like crazy, and what the?! Reid's going to San Diego State?!!??!?!?!