Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sleep is for the birds...

...AND developing babies, apparently.

One of the head trainers at Premier is back home in Australia (how cool is that?) for 2 weeks so she gave me 5 of her clients to train while she's gone! In the last 2 days, 3 of them have already cancelled! Normally I would prob be a little bit bummed, but I have been taking naps in the back seat of my car any chance I get between clients at the gym! I've been able to fit one in almost every day this week and the energy boost they give me is AMAZING! I'm starting to feel a little bit more tired lately, which is annoying to me.

Today, however, I did not get to take my nap and I am FEELIN it!! Brian and I took Kerbster to "the spot"...this reallyyyy pretty place in the back of The Cascades with tons of trees, a lake, and little creek that she lovvves to run around in. Anywho, I'm pretty sure I very closely resembled the walking dead. Ha, it's only 8:24, and I'm thinkin I'm hitting the bed in no less than 30.

My 5:00am client, Clay, is the urologist I have previously mentioned who used to talk constantly about kidney stones. Well, he's finally moved on to bigger and better topics of discussion, thank The Lord! I'm training his wife for the next two weeks and we were talking today about having kids. Her and Clay are super excited for us to have kids because they SO wish they had started younger. Well um...the convo started out great. She was telling me how EASY it is to drop your baby weight when you're already pretty fit before the pregnancy. Then she pointed out that this only holds true after your FIRST child. After kiddo #2, all bets are out the window and the preg belly sticks like glue. I'm really not paranoid at all about how big I'll get or how easy/hard it will be to lose the weight, but I can't lie. She made me a teeeeeny bit nervous!

Okay, I am SO excited to have a weekend at HOME where I can sleep til a normal hour and get some stuff done around this house! I guess because I've been so tired lately I have been a bit of a lazy bum. Our house pretty much looks like my bedroom always used to look in high school. For any of you who knew me then, this is a MAJOR PROBLEM. Ha. Not for long though. That's #1 on my priority list for the weekend :)

I CAN'T WAIT TIL OUR APPOINTMENT ON MONDAY!!! I hope we can see the heartbeat :)

Peace <3


Jacci said...

oh you're so cute. you will be the cutest preggo lady EVER!! i love you and the little bean!!!

Tichenor Family said...

i was soooooooo tired my first trimester. i was IN BED by 9 almost every night. it gets better, don't worry. your body is working OVERTIME making that baby!

you will be precious. don't let any crazy old ladies tell you otherwise.

love you babymama.

Kayla said...

Chunkiness will NEVER be in your future! I'm pretty sure you will be one of those people who leave the hospital looking amazing. P.S I still cannot believe this! This post seemed to will be seeing a heartbeat! :)

Tbaby said...

ahhhh...i was gonna say, "you are so cute" but jacci beat me to it:) I love you ho:) mmuuuaaahhhh!!

Jamie said...

i can relate to how tired you feel, i go to bed between 8:30 and 9:30 almost every night and take naps on my lunch break at work everyday! i am 12 wks i am hoping my burst of energy is coming soon! have you felt sick at all? i will pray you are as blessed as i have been and don't have to deal with that!