Monday, April 28, 2008

Just like new...

I finally cleaned the house this weekend. Well...some of it. Brian was outta town hunting, so I locked myself inside and cleaned the heck out of the living and dining rooms. I guess the MAJOR task was more of the organizing. Since Brian doesn't have an office for work, our house is his office. Since our house doesn't have an actual office, it is TOUGH to keep his stuff organized and in one place. Anyway, I went through giant piles of papers, mail, boxes, shoes, etc and FINALLY got the house looking beautiful and BIG and clean-the way it looked when we first moved in!

It feels SOOOO good to come home, now. YAY :)

My next big task will be the laundry room and garage. I gotta do 2 rooms at a time. It's just the way I work.

PS- I have a test Tuesday and my Lab Final on Friday...say a little prayer for me if you don't mind :)

Have a TERRIFIC week!

Peace :)


Tichenor Family said...

YAY for a clean house and a cute new blog!!!

miss & love you.

Jacci said...

ha, i was going to say the exact same thing as mer. glad your house is clean! and i love the new blog! marina is the best!! :) love yoooou!

Jacci said...

oh! AND praying for your test! muah!

Kayla said...

YAY for cleaning your house! Doesn't it feel so nice to have a clean house! I wish we lived closer and I would have come and helped you! I LOVE cleaning haha!

Kellianne said...

cute blog!