Thursday, August 21, 2014

Woods Edge... and finally STARTING to settle in!!

So B-Riz and I were CRUSHED to leave LOTS of things in Frisco/McKinney (OF COURSE our friends, mostly but also...) OUR CHURCH!!!  Hope Fellowship was our HOME.  It's where we found our best friends (aka-framily), where we found a place to be FED by a SUPER great and gifted preacher, Mr. John McKinzie.  MAN we miss him.  And them. 

BUT!  I'm pumped to say that we have found a church home here in Spring (well..actually our church is the BACCKKKK of the Woodlands...minor details...).  Woods Edge is a VERY cool place.  A different approach kind of.  Or maybe I should say a different focus?  Different style?  They are BIG on PRAYER.  They are BIG on making Houston a CITY OF GOD (which is so so so so cool).  They are a part of the One Mission, which I think is pretty darn amazing.  They do major work in Israel and CONNECT with the people there.  The preacha-man is a humble, middle-aged, quirky, emotional, wonderful dude.  The more time we spend there, the more at home we are beginning to feel. 

AND!!  They FINALLY have a setup for connecting people to small groups.  They've struggled with that part of things for years (like most churches, i think!) but recently hired a new dude to take that role...the "connections pastor" i think is what they're calling him.  And... he sure as heck is gonna help us CONNECT!  We are SO ready.  We are cravvvving some intimate relationships.  B-Rizzle needs some man-time.  We need some bible study action with other people. 

I did my first women's bible study this summer and met some cool chicas.  Like I said... kind of a different vibe than I'm accustomed to, but I ALWAYS love for God to open my eyes and my heart to new aspects of WHO HE is and what He's calling us/me to.  YAY GOD!

Here's to new beginnings (that take over a year to actually start progressing, ha!)
ANd HERE'S to a church home!! :) 

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