Thursday, August 28, 2014

Aves' Kinder Chronicles: Week 1

Well.... this is something I've gotta keep track of in a place where I can keep it FOREVER.  It's proving to be QUITE the transition for my sweet girl and thus, for the whole Bradford crew!

Day 4:
Aves was 100% OVER THE MOON that she finally got to go to the library.  She couldn't stop mentioning it while we were on our ice cream date after school.

Speaking of the ice cream date... This morning's drop off was the most traumatic yet.  Sweet girl just... Freaked.  She jumped onto the back of the passenger seat and gripped with ALL of her strength.  She was aBAWLING and yelling "no no NO-o-ooo mommy!  Mommmmyyyyyyy I don't WANNA go.  I wanna stay with youuuu. Mommyyyheeeeeheeeee. Nooooo. No No No NO! {insert shrill scream here}"

The 2 POOR souls who tried to excavate her from the vehicle had no luck, so I was forced to park and walk her in.  And of course I chose this morning to let Camo & Palmer sleep in a little and just put them straight in the car wearing Pjs.  Or... half PJs.  haha... t shirts and pantees/diaper.  Cameron looked SUPER presh but SLIGHTLy inapprop.  And I wasn't wearing a bra.  Hahahaha.  BUT.. I DID THOROUGHLY enjoy getting to actually hug and kiss my little nugget before they tag-teamed peeling her off of me and taking her inside. 

For the record, Aves LOVED her day, and said she always stops crying before she gets to her classroom.  So that's encouraging.  But this drop off meltdown thing is HARD on a momma's heart.  ANywho... I decided that since Brian happened to be home early today (Thanks, God, for the hookup!!,) Aves and I needed a little super focused 1-on-1 time together.  And of course she wanted ice cream.  So off to Mickey D's we went.  She ordered ice cream.  I broke my FIX and got a big old DELICIOUS iced vanilla coffee.  We sat on twirly chairs. I chased her around the place trying to tickle her (because she was begging me to).  We chatted about her day and just random things going on around us.  It was just.  AWESOME.  I rarely get uniterrupted time to be COMPLETELY present with my daughters, and I can't put into words how much I ADORE times like today.  I got to hug on her and love on her and chat with her and LISTEN to her and just.  BE.  BE WITH my GIRL.  

I prayed over her and WITH her a WHOLE bunch today and tonight.  Even while both Aves AND Camo were laying in bed screaming as if posessed by demons because they are exhausted and thrown off their game and just... still babies trying to adjust to a big change.  But.  I'm happy to report that an hour and 7 minutes after getting "to bed," girlfriends are sleeping DEEPLY, awaiting the ugly kindergarten alarm they WILL grow to love ;) 

Proud of my Aves and my Cam-Cam and even my little Palmer-bug too <3 br="" nbsp="">


Diane Lindsey said...

This is such an encouraging story. You are a great mom. It is so tough to leave them screaming. You taking time out to communicate with her about her day is simply AWESOME!

Roxanne B said...

Well I appreciate that big time, Mrs. Lindsey! Thanks so much for the encouragement...for real :) It's super heartbreaking to walk away when everything in you just wants to nurture them. BUT... I know it's the right move for this particular situation! :)

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